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Many of the services a smart city can provide to its citizens rely on the ability of its infrastructure to collect and process in real time vast amounts of continuous data that sensors deployed through the city produce. In this paper we present the server infrastructure we have designed in the context of the HERMES project to collect the data from sensors and aggregate it in streams for their use in services of the smart city. Read More

The goal of multi-winner elections is to choose a fixed-size committee based on voters' preferences. An important concern in this setting is representation: large groups of voters with cohesive preferences should be adequately represented by the election winners. Recently, Aziz et al. Read More

In this study, we propose two voting rules that extend the D'Hondt method for approval-based multi-winner elections. Our theoretical results prove that one of such rules preserves the main properties of the original D'Hondt method: house monotonicity, lower quota satisfaction, and population monotonicity, and that it can be executed in polynomial time. Read More