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A new methodology to measure coded image/video quality using the just-noticeable-difference (JND) idea was proposed. Several small JND-based image/video quality datasets were released by the Media Communications Lab at the University of Southern California. In this work, we present an effort to build a large-scale JND-based coded video quality dataset. Read More

We show that the stability theorem of the depolarizing channel holds for the output quantum $p$-R\'enyi entropy for $p \ge 2$ or $p=1$, which is an extension of the well known case $p=2$. As an application, we present a protocol in which Bob determines whether Alice prepares a pure quantum state close to a product state. In the protocol, Alice transmits to Bob multiple copies of a pure state through a depolarizing channel, and Bob estimates its output quantum $p$-R\'enyi entropy. Read More

In this paper, we explicitly evaluate the one-shot quantum non-signalling assisted zero-error classical capacities $\M_0^{\mathrm{QNS}}$ for qubit channels. In particular, we show that for nonunital qubit channels, $\M_0^{\mathrm{QNS}}=1$, which implies that in the one-shot setting, nonunital qubit channels cannot transmit any information with zero probability of error even when assisted by quantum non-signalling correlations. Furthermore, we show that for qubit channels, $\M_0^{\mathrm{QNS}}$ equals to the one-shot entanglement-assisted zero-error classical capacities. Read More

It was shown that two distant particles can be entangled by sending a third particle never entangled with the other two [T. S. Cubitt et al. Read More