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Demand response represents a significant but largely untapped resource that can greatly enhance the flexibility and reliability of power systems. This paper proposes a hierarchical control framework to facilitate the integrated coordination between distributed energy resources and demand response. The proposed framework consists of coordination and device layers. Read More

In 2006, a novel cobalt-based superalloy was discovered [1] with mechanical properties better than some conventional nickel-based superalloys. As with conventional superalloys, its high performance arises from the precipitate-hardening effect of a coherent L1$_2$ phase, which is in two-phase equilibrium with the fcc matrix. Inspired by this unexpected discovery of an L1$_2$ ternary phase, we performed a first-principles search through 2224 ternary metallic systems for analogous precipitate-hardening phases of the form $X_{3}$[$A_{0. Read More