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Quantum Physics (4)
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Well controlled quantum systems can potentially be used as quantum simulators. However, a quantum simulator is inevitably perturbed by coupling to additional degrees of freedom. This constitutes a major roadblock to useful quantum simulations. Read More

An important step in quantum simulation is to measure the many-body correlations of the simulated model. For a practical quantum simulator composed of finite number of qubits and cavities, in contrast to ideal many-body systems in the thermodynamic limit, a measurement device can generate strong backaction on the simulator, which could prevent the accurate readout of the correlation functions. Here we calculate the readout of a detector coupled to an analog quantum simulator. Read More

We study an analog quantum simulator coupled to a reservoir with a known spectral density. The reservoir perturbs the quantum simulation by causing decoherence. The simulator is used to measure an operator average, which cannot be calculated using any classical means. Read More

We study a system coupled to external degrees of freedom, called bath, where we assume that the total system, consisting of system and bath is in equilibrium. An expansion in the coupling between system and bath leads to a general form of the reduced density matrix of the system as a function of the bath selfenergy. The coupling to the bath results in a renormalization of the energies of the system and in a change of the eigenbasis. Read More