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How black holes accrete surrounding matter is a fundamental, yet unsolved question in astrophysics. It is generally believed that matter is absorbed into black holes via accretion disks, the state of which depends primarily on the mass-accretion rate. When this rate approaches the critical rate (the Eddington limit), thermal instability is supposed to occur in the inner disc, causing repetitive patterns of large-amplitude X-ray variability (oscillations) on timescales of minutes to hours. Read More

Main belt asteroids (6070) Rheinland and (54827) 2001NQ8 belong to a small population of couples of bodies which reside on very similar heliocentric orbits. Vokrouhlicky & Nesvorny (2008, AJ 136, 280) promoted a term "asteroid pairs", pointing out their common origin within the past tens to hundreds of ky. Previous attempts to reconstruct the initial configuration of Rheinland and 2001NQ8 at the time of their separation have led to the prediction that Rheinland's rotation should be retrograde. Read More