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As an exoplanet orbits its host star it reflects and emits light, forming a distinctive phase curve. By observing this light, we can study the atmosphere and surface of distant planets. The planets in our Solar System show a wide range of atmospheric phenomena, with stable wind patterns, changing storms, and evolving anomalies. Read More

For theories with multiple couplings the perturbative $\beta$-functions for scalar, Yukawa couplings are expressible in terms of contributions corresponding to one particle irreducible graphs and also contributions which are one particle reducible depending on the anomalous dimension. Here we discuss redefinitions, or changes of scheme, which preserve this structure. The redefinitions allow for IPR contributions of a specific form, as is necessary to encompass the relation between MS and momentum subtraction renormalisation schemes. Read More

The coefficient $C_T$ of the conformal energy-momentum tensor two-point function is determined for the non-unitary scalar CFTs with four- and six-derivative kinetic terms. The results match those expected from large-$N$ calculations for the CFTs arising from the $O(N)$ non-linear sigma and Gross-Neveu models in specific even dimensions. $C_T$ is also calculated for the CFT arising from $(n-1)$-form gauge fields with derivatives in $2n+2$ dimensions. Read More

The tensors which may be defined on the conformal manifold for six dimensional CFTs with exactly marginal operators are analysed by considering the response to a Weyl rescaling of the metric in the presence of local couplings. It is shown that there are three symmetric two index tensors only one of which satisfies any positivity conditions. The general results are specialised to the six dimensional conformal theory defined by free two-forms and also to the interacting scalar $\phi^3$ theory at two loops which preserves conformal invariance to this order. Read More

Conformal blocks in any number of dimensions depend on two variables z, zbar. Here we study their restrictions to the special "diagonal" kinematics z = zbar, previously found useful as a starting point for the conformal bootstrap analysis. We show that conformal blocks on the diagonal satisfy ordinary differential equations, third-order for spin zero and fourth-order for the general case. Read More

The response of the one loop effective action for a gauge theory with local couplings $g(x),\theta(x)$ under a local Weyl rescaling of the background metric is calculated. Apart from terms which may be removed by local contributions to the effective action the result is compatible with $Sl(2,R)$ symmetry acting on $g,\theta$. Two loop effects are also discussed. Read More

The implications of N=1 superconformal symmetry for four dimensional quantum field theories are studied. Superconformal covariant expressions for two and three point functions of quasi-primary superfields of arbitrary spin are found and connected with the operator product expansion. The general formulae are specialised to cases involving a scalar superfield L, which contains global symmetry currents, and the supercurrent, which contains the energy momentum tensor, and the consequences of superconformal Ward identities analysed. Read More