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Mathematics - Analysis of PDEs (3)
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We study a class of weakly coupled systems of Hamilton-acobi equations using the random frame introduced in a previous paper of Mitake-Siconolfi-Tran-Yamada. We provide a cycle condition characterizing the points of Aubry set. This generalizes a property already known in the scalar case. Read More

Affiliations: 1LMA-PAU, MIA, LaMA--Liban, 2LaMA--Liban, CERMICS, 3CERMICS

We study a generalization of the fully overdamped Frenkel-Kontorova model in dimension $n\geq 1.$ This model describes the evolution of the position of each atom in a crystal, and is mathematically given by an infinite system of coupled first order ODEs. We prove that for a suitable rescaling of this model, the solution converges to the solution of a Peierls-Nabarro model, which is a coupled system of two PDEs (typically an elliptic PDE in a domain with an evolution PDE on the boundary of the domain). Read More

In a recent work of the author, a parabolic extension of the elliptic Ogawa type inequality has been established. This inequality is originated from the Brezis-Gallouet-Wainger logarithmic type inequalities revealing Sobolev embeddings in the critical case. In this paper, we improve the parabolic version of Ogawa inequality by allowing it to cover not only the class of functions from Sobolev spaces, but the wider class of Holder continuous functions. Read More

In this paper, we show a parabolic version of the Ogawa type inequality in Sobolev spaces. Our inequality provides an estimate of the $L^{\infty}$ norm of a function in terms of its parabolic $BMO$ norm, with the aid of the square root of the logarithmic dependency of a higher order Sobolev norm. The proof is mainly based on the Littlewood-Paley decomposition and a characterization of parabolic $BMO$ spaces. Read More

We study a mathematical model describing the dynamics of dislocation densities in crystals. This model is expressed as a one-dimensional system of a parabolic equation and a first order Hamilton-Jacobi equation that are coupled together. We show the existence and uniqueness of a viscosity solution among those assuming a lower-bound on their gradient for all time including the initial data. Read More