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Social sensing services use humans as sensor carriers, sensor operators and sensors themselves in order to provide situation-awareness to applications. This promises to provide a multitude of benefits to the users, for example in the management of natural disasters or in community empowerment. However, current social sensing services depend on Internet connectivity since the services are deployed on central Cloud platforms. Read More

Cloud computing revolutionized the information technology (IT) industry by offering dynamic and infinite scaling, on-demand resources and utility-oriented usage. However, recent changes in user traffic and requirements have exposed the shortcomings of cloud computing, particularly the inability to deliver real-time responses and handle massive surge in data volumes. Fog computing, that brings back partial computation load from the cloud to the edge devices, is envisioned to be the next big change in computing, and has the potential to address these challenges. Read More

Internet of Things (IoT) aims to bring every object (e.g. smart cameras, wearable, environmental sensors, home appliances, and vehicles) online, hence generating massive amounts of data that can overwhelm storage systems and data analytics applications. Read More

The Internet of Everything (IoE) solutions gradually bring every object online, and processing data in centralized cloud does not scale to requirements of such environment. This is because, there are applications such as health monitoring and emergency response that require low latency and delay caused by transferring data to the cloud and then back to the application can seriously impact the performance. To this end, Fog computing has emerged, where cloud computing is extended to the edge of the network to decrease the latency and network congestion. Read More