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In this paper we introduce the TorontoCity benchmark, which covers the full greater Toronto area (GTA) with 712.5 $km^2$ of land, 8439 $km$ of road and around 400,000 buildings. Our benchmark provides different perspectives of the world captured from airplanes, drones and cars driving around the city. Read More

We present a novel framework for generating pop music. Our model is a hierarchical Recurrent Neural Network, where the layers and the structure of the hierarchy encode our prior knowledge about how pop music is composed. In particular, the bottom layers generate the melody, while the higher levels produce the drums and chords. Read More

We propose a method for accurately localizing ground vehicles with the aid of satellite imagery. Our approach takes a ground image as input, and outputs the location from which it was taken on a georeferenced satellite image. We perform visual localization by estimating the co-occurrence probabilities between the ground and satellite images based on a ground-satellite feature dictionary. Read More

In this paper, a new heat-map-based (HMB) algorithm is proposed for group activity recognition. The proposed algorithm first models human trajectories as series of "heat sources" and then applies a thermal diffusion process to create a heat map (HM) for representing the group activities. Based on this heat map, a new key-point based (KPB) method is used for handling the alignments among heat maps with different scales and rotations. Read More