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Publications Authored By H. Zhu

The 10 MeV accelerator-driven subcritical system (ADS) Injector-I test stand at Institute of High Energy Physics (IHEP) is a testing facility dedicated to demonstrate one of the two injector design schemes [Injector Scheme-I, which works at 325 MHz], for the ADS project in China. The Injector adopted a four vane copper structure RFQ with output energy of 3.2 MeV and a superconducting (SC) section accommodating fourteen \b{eta}g=0. Read More

Cognitive arithmetic studies the mental processes used in solving math problems. This area of research explores the retrieval mechanisms and strategies used by people during a common cognitive task. Past research has shown that human performance in arithmetic operations is correlated to the numerical size of the problem. Read More

We demonstrate non-volatile, n-type, back-gated, MoS$_{2}$ transistors, placed directly on an epitaxial grown, single crystalline, PbZr$_{0.2}$Ti$_{0.8}$O$_{3}$ (PZT) ferroelectric. Read More

The extraordinary properties and the novel applications of black phosphorene induce the research interest on the monolayer group-IV monochalcogenides. Here using the first-principles calculations, we systematically investigate the electronic, transport and optical properties of monolayer $\alpha-$ and $\beta-$GeSe, the latter of which was recently experimentally realized. We found that, monolayer $\alpha-$GeSe is a semiconductor with direct band gap of 1. Read More

Quantum coherence plays a central role in various research areas. The $l_1$-norm of coherence is one of the most important coherence measures that are easily computable, but it is not easy to find a simple interpretation. We show that the $l_1$-norm of coherence is uniquely characterized by a few simple axioms, which demonstrates in a precise sense that it is the analog of negativity in entanglement theory and sum negativity in the resource theory of magic state quantum computation. Read More

Quantum entanglement and quantum coherence are two critical resources in quantum information processing. Here we establish a general operational one-to-one mapping between coherence and entanglement measures: Any entanglement measure of bipartite pure states is the minimum of a suitable coherence measure over product bases. Conversely, any coherence measure of pure states, with extension to mixed states by convex roof, is the maximum entanglement generated by incoherent operations on the system and an incoherent ancilla. Read More

In this paper, we report a significant recovery of the linear baryonic acoustic oscillation (BAO) signature by applying the isobaric reconstruction algorithm to the non-linear matter density field. Assuming only the longitudinal component of the displacement being cosmologically relevant, this algorithm iteratively solves the coordinate transform between the Lagrangian and Eulerian frames without requiring any specific knowledge of the dynamics. For dark matter field, it produces the non-linear displacement potential with very high fidelity. Read More

We apply the nonlinear reconstruction method (Zhu et al., arXiv:1611.09638) to simulated halo fields. Read More

The factorization of amplitudes into hard, soft and collinear parts is known to be violated in situations where incoming particles are collinear to outgoing ones. This result was first derived by studying limits where non-collinear particles become collinear. We show that through an effective field theory framework with Glauber operators, these factorization-violating effects can be reproduced from an amplitude that is factorized before the splitting occurs. Read More

Scrambling is a process by which the state of a quantum system is effectively randomized. Scrambling exhibits different complexities depending on the degree of randomness it produces. For example, the complete randomization of a pure quantum state (Haar scrambling) implies the inability to retrieve information of the initial state by measuring only parts of the system (Page/information scrambling), but the converse is not necessarily the case. Read More

In scaling of transistor dimensions with low source-to-drain currents, 1D semiconductors with certain electronic properties are highly desired. We discover three new 1D materials, SbSeI, SbSI and SbSBr with high stability and novel electronic properties based on first principles calculations. Both dynamical and thermal stability of these 1D materials are examined. Read More

This letter studies the outage performance of cooperative non-orthogonal multiple access (NOMA) network with the help of an amplify-and-forward relay. An accurate closed-form approximation for the exact outage probability is derived. Based on this, the asymptotic outage probability is investigated, which shows that cooperative NOMA achieves the same diversity order and the superior coding gain compared to cooperative orthogonal multiple access. Read More

Taobao, as the largest online retail platform in the world, provides billions of online display advertising impressions for millions of advertisers every day. For commercial purposes, the advertisers bid for specific spots and target crowds to compete for business traffic. The platform chooses the most suitable ads to display in tens of milliseconds. Read More

Representation learning of knowledge graphs encodes entities and relation types into a continuous low-dimensional vector space, learns embeddings of entities and relation types. Most existing methods only concentrate on knowledge triples, ignoring logic rules which contain rich background knowledge. Although there has been some work aiming at leveraging both knowledge triples and logic rules, they ignore the transitivity and antisymmetry of logic rules. Read More

Interfacial charge separation and recombination at heterojunctions of monolayer transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDCs) are of interest to two dimensional optoelectronic technologies. These processes can involve large changes in parallel momentum vector due to the confinement of electrons and holes to the K-valleys in each layer. Since these high-momentum valleys are usually not aligned across the interface of two TMDC monolayers, how parallel momentum is conserved in the charge separation or recombination process becomes a key question. Read More

The effects of different quantum feedback types on the estimation precision of the detection efficiency are studied. It is found that the precision can be more effective enhanced by a certain feedback type through comparing these feedbacks and the precision has a positive relation with detection efficiency for the optimal feedback when the system reach the state of dynamic balance. In addition, the bigger the proportion of is the higher the precision is and we will not obtain any information about the parameter to be estimated if is chosen as initial state for the feedback type {\lambda}{\sigma}_z. Read More

This paper jointly optimizes the precoding matrices and the set of active remote radio heads (RRHs) to minimize the network power consumption (NPC) for a user-centric cloud radio access network (C-RAN), where both the RRHs and users have multiple antennas and each user is served by its nearby RRHs. Both users' rate requirements and per-RRH power constraints are considered. Due to these conflicting constraints, this optimization problem may be infeasible. Read More

To generate a NOON state with a large photon number $N$, the number of operational steps could be large and the fidelity will decrease rapidly with $N$. Here we propose a method to generate a new type of quantum entangled states, $(|NN00\rangle+|00NN\rangle)/\sqrt{2}$ called "double NOON" states, with a setup of two superconducting flux qutrits and five circuit cavities. This scheme operates essentially by employing a two-photon process, i. Read More

Device-to-device (D2D) assisted offloading heavily depends on the participation of human users. The content preference and sharing willingness of human users are two crucial factors in the D2D assisted offloading. In this paper, with consideration of these two factors, the optimal content pushing strategy is investigated by formulating an optimization problem to maximize the offloading gain measured by the offloaded traffic. Read More

Let $\mathcal{P}: \cdots \rightarrow C_2\rightarrow C_1\rightarrow {\mathbb P}^1$ be a $\mathbb{Z}_p$-cover of the projective line over a finite field of cardinality $q$ and characteristic $p$ which ramifies at exactly one rational point, and is unramified at other points. In this paper, we study the $q$-adic valuations of the reciprocal roots in $\mathbb{C}_p$ of $L$-functions associated to characters of the Galois group of $\mathcal{P}$. We show that for all covers $\mathcal{P}$ such that the genus of $C_n$ is a quadratic polynomial in $p^n$ for $n$ large, the valuations of these reciprocal roots are uniformly distributed in the interval $[0,1]$. Read More

Nanoporous graphitic carbon membranes with defined chemical composition and pore architecture are novel nanomaterials that are actively pursued. Compared to easy-to-make porous carbon powders that dominate the porous carbon research and applications in energy generation/conversion and environmental remediation, porous carbon membranes are synthetically more challenging though rather appealing from an application perspective due to their structural integrity, interconnectivity and purity. Here we report a simple bottom-up approach to fabricate large-size, freestanding, porous carbon membranes that feature an unusual single-crystal-like graphitic order and hierarchical pore architecture plus favorable nitrogen doping. Read More

We consider the problem of learning a policy for a Markov decision process consistent with data captured on the state-actions pairs followed by the policy. We assume that the policy belongs to a class of parameterized policies which are defined using features associated with the state-action pairs. The features are known a priori, however, only an unknown subset of them could be relevant. Read More

Using the first-principles calculations based on density functional theory, we systematically investigate the strain-engineering (tensile and compressive strain) electronic, mechanical and transport properties of monolayer penta-SiC$_2$. By applying an in-plane tensile or compressive strain, it is easy to modulate the electronic band structure of monolayer penta-SiC$_2$, which subsequently changes the effective mass of carriers. Furthermore, the obtained electronic properties are predicted to change from indirectly semiconducting to metallic. Read More

Recent studies have introduced a new class of two-dimensional acoustic metamaterials whose dispersion and propagation properties results from the use of geometric inhomogeneities in the form of Acoustic Black Holes (ABH). The ABH is an element able to smoothly bend and slow down elastic waves, therefore providing a variety of unconventional dispersion and propagation properties typically observed in more complex multi-material and locally resonant designs. This approach enables thin-walled structural elements having fully embedded acoustic lenses capable of different functionalities such as focusing, collimation, and negative refraction. Read More

This paper constructs a continuous localized tight frame on a two-dimensional simplex $T^{2}$ using orthogonal polynomials. We then use quadrature rules on $T^{2}$ to construct discrete tight framelets. Fast algorithms for discrete tight framelet transforms on $T^{2}$ are given, which have the same computational steps as the fast Fourier transforms on the simplex $T^{2}$. Read More

Impact collision ion scattering spectroscopy (ICISS), which is a variation of low energy ion scattering (LEIS) that employs large scattering angles, is performed on Bi2Se3 surfaces prepared by ion bombardment and annealing (IBA). ICISS angular scans are collected experimentally and simulated numerically along the [120] and [-1 -2 0] azimuths, and the match of the positions of the flux peaks shows that the top three atomic layers are bulk-terminated. A newly observed feature is identified as a minimum in the multiple scattering background when the ion beam incidence is along a low index direction. Read More

In heterogeneous networks (HetNets), load balancing among different tiers can be effectively achieved by a biased user association scheme with which each user chooses to associate with one base station (BS) based on the biased received power. In contrast to previous studies where a BS always has packets to transmit, we assume in this paper that incoming packets intended for all the associated users form a queue in the BS. In order to find the delay limit of the network to support real-time service, we focus on the delay optimization problem by properly tuning the biasing factor of each tier. Read More

Predictive State Representations (PSRs) are powerful techniques for modelling dynamical systems, which represent a state as a vector of predictions about future observable events (tests). In PSRs, one of the fundamental problems is the learning of the PSR model of the underlying system. Recently, spectral methods have been successfully used to address this issue by treating the learning problem as the task of computing an singular value decomposition (SVD) over a submatrix of a special type of matrix called the Hankel matrix. Read More

With the advances in low dimensional transition metal dichalcolgenides (TMDCs) based metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor (MOSFET), the interface between semiconductors and dielectrics has received considerable attention due to its dramatic effects on the morphology and charge transport of semiconductors. In this study, first principle calculations were utilized to investigate the strain effect induced by the interface between Al2O3 (0001) and monolayer MoS2. The results indicate that Al2O3 in 1. Read More

We study a novel communication mechanism, ambient backscatter, that utilizes radio frequency (RF) signals transmitted from an ambient source as both energy supply and information carrier to enable communications between low-power devices. Different from existing non-coherent schemes, we here design the semi-coherent detection, where channel parameters can be obtained from unknown data symbols and a few pilot symbols. We first derive the optimal detector for the complex Gaussian ambient RF signal from likelihood ratio test and compute the corresponding closed-form bit error rate (BER). Read More

We prove that for any generic polynomial $f$ in two variables of degree $(d_1,d_2)$ over the rationals, for $p$ large enough the Newton slopes of the character power series $C_f^*(\chi_m,s)$ of $f$ at $p$ is independent of the choice of the character $\chi_m$ (of conductor $p^m$); and the Newton slopes of the $L$-function $L_f^*(\chi_m,s)$ of $f$ at $p$ is in weighted arithmetic progression. Read More

The parity-time ($\mathcal{PT}$) symmetric structures have exhibited potential applications in developing various robust quantum devices. In an optical trimmer with balanced loss and gain, we analytically study the $\mathcal{PT}$ symmetric phase transition by investigating the spontaneous symmetric breaking. We also illustrate the single-photon transmission behaviors in both of the $\mathcal{PT}$ symmetric and $\mathcal{PT}$ symmetry broken phases. Read More

For a nonnegative integer $N$, define hypergeometric Euler numbers $E_{N,n}$ by $$ \frac{1}{{}_1 F_2(1;N+1,(2 N+1)/2;t^2/4)}=\sum_{n=0}^\infty E_{N,n}\frac{t^n}{n!}\,, $$ where ${}_1 F_2(a;b,c;z)$ is the hypergeometric function defined by $$ {}_1 F_2(a;b,c;z)=\sum_{n=0}^\infty\frac{(a)^{(n)}}{(b)^{(n)}(c)^{(n)}}\frac{z^n}{n!}\,. $$ Here, $(x)^{(n)}$ is the rising factorial, defined by $(x)^{(n)}=x(x+1)\cdots(x+n-1)$ ($n\ge 1$) with $(x)^{(0)}=1$. When $N=0$, then $E_n=E_{0,n}$ are classical Euler numbers. Read More

Bi$_{2}$Se$_{3}$ is a topological insulator whose unique properties result from topological surface states (TSS) in the band gap. Low energy ion scattering can determine the properties of the outermost few atomic layers of a solid. The deposition of Cs helps to reveal that the neutralization of Na$^{+}$ is larger when scattered from surface Se than from Bi. Read More

Bismuth Selenide (Bi$_{2}$Se$_{3}$) is a topological insulator (TI) with a structure consisting of stacked quintuple layers. Single crystal surfaces are commonly prepared by mechanical cleaving. This work explores the use of low energy Ar$^{+}$ ion bombardment and annealing (IBA) as an alternative method to produce reproducible and stable Bi$_{2}$Se$_{3}$ surfaces under ultra-high vacuum (UHV). Read More

We reconstruct quantum theory starting from the premise that, as Asher Peres remarked, "Unperformed experiments have no results." The tools of modern quantum information theory, and in particular the symmetric informationally complete (SIC) measurements, provide a concise expression of how exactly Peres's dictum holds true. That expression is a constraint on how the probability distributions for outcomes of different, mutually exclusive experiments mesh together, a type of constraint not foreseen in classical thinking. Read More

The $N$-jettiness observable $\mathcal{T}_N$ provides a way of describing the leading singular behavior of the $N$-jet cross section in the $\tau =\mathcal{T}_N/Q \to 0$ limit, where $Q$ is a hard interaction scale. We consider subleading power corrections in the $\tau \ll 1$ expansion, and employ soft-collinear effective theory to obtain analytic results for the dominant $\alpha_s \tau \ln\tau$ and $\alpha_s^2 \tau\ln^3\tau$ subleading terms for thrust in $e^+e^-$ collisions and $0$-jettiness for $q\bar q$-initiated Drell-Yan-like processes at hadron colliders. These results can be used to significantly improve the numerical accuracy and stability of the $N$-jettiness subtraction technique for performing fixed-order calculations at NLO and NNLO. Read More

In this paper, we construct an infinite family of three-weight binary codes from linear codes over the ring $R=\mathbb{F}_2+v\mathbb{F}_2+v^2\mathbb{F}_2$, where $v^3=1.$ These codes are defined as trace codes. They have the algebraic structure of abelian codes. Read More

We present a direct approach to non-parametrically reconstruct the linear density field from an observed non-linear map. We solve for the unique displacement potential consistent with the non-linear density and positive definite coordinate transformation using a multigrid algorithm. We show that we recover the linear initial conditions up to $k\simeq1h/\mathrm{Mpc}$ with minimal computational cost. Read More

Qualifying and ranking threat degrees of vulnerabilities in cloud service are known to be full of challenges. Although there have been several efforts aiming to address this problem, most of them are too simple or cannot be applied into cloud infrastructure. This paper aims to propose a novel framework to qualify and rank the vulnerabilities based on their threat degrees in cloud service. Read More

In this paper, optimal content caching strategy is proposed to jointly minimize the cell average outage probability and fronthaul usage in cloud radio access network (Cloud-RAN). At first, an accurate closed form expression of the outage probability conditioned on the user's location is presented, and the cell average outage probability is obtained through the composite Simpson's integration. The caching strategy for jointly optimizing the cell average outage probability and fronthaul usage is then formulated as a weighted sum minimization problem, which is a nonlinear 0-1 integer NP-hard problem. Read More

Constraining neutrino mass remains an elusive challenge in modern physics. Precision measurements are expected from several upcoming cosmological probes of large-scale structure. Achieving this goal relies on an equal level of precision from theoretical predictions of neutrino clustering. Read More

Square metrics $F=\frac{(\alpha+\beta)^2}{\alpha}$ are a special class of Finsler metrics. It is the rate kind of metric category to be of excellent geometrical properties. In this paper, we discuss the so-called singular square metrics $F=\frac{(b\alpha+\beta)^2}{\alpha}$. Read More

Measurements of neutrino mass in cosmological observations rely on two point statistics that are hindered by significant degeneracies with the optical depth and galaxy bias. The relative velocity effect between cold dark matter and neutrinos induces a large scale dipole into the matter density field and may be able to provide orthogonal constraints to standard techniques. We numerically investigate this dipole in the TianNu Simulation, which contains cold dark matter and 50 meV neutrinos. Read More

In this work, Dirac fermions have been obtained and engineered in one-dimensional (1D) zigzag phosphorus nanotubes (ZPNTs). We have performed a comprehensive first-principle computational study of the electronic properties of ZPNTs with various diameters. The results indicate that as the lattice parameter (Lc) along axial direction increases, ZPNTs undergo transitions from metal to semimetal and semimetal to semiconductor, whereas Dirac fermions appear at Lc ranging from 3. Read More

In recent years, information relaxation and duality in dynamic programs have been studied extensively, and the resulted primal-dual approach has become a powerful procedure in solving dynamic programs by providing lower-upper bounds on the optimal value function. Theoretically, with the so called value-based optimal dual penalty, the optimal value function could be recovered exactly via strong duality. However, in practice, obtaining tight dual bounds usually requires good approximations of the optimal dual penalty, which could be time-consuming due to the conditional expectations that need to be estimated via nested simulation. Read More

We prove that low-rank matrices can be recovered efficiently from a small number of measurements that are sampled from orbits of a certain matrix group. As a special case, our theory makes statements about the phase retrieval problem. Here, the task is to recover a vector given only the amplitudes of its inner product with a small number of vectors from an orbit. Read More

21 cm intensity mapping has emerged as a promising technique to map the large-scale structure of the Universe, at redshifts $z$ from 1 to 10. Unfortunately, many of the key cross correlations with photo-$z$ galaxies and the CMB have been thought to be impossible due to foreground contamination for radial modes with small wavenumbers. These modes are usually subtracted in the foreground subtraction process. Read More

We study the nonlinear $E$-mode clustering in Lagrangian space by using large scale structure $N$-body simulations and use the displacement field information in Lagrangian space to recover the primordial linear density field. We find that, compared to Eulerian nonlinear density fields, the $E$-mode displacement fields in Lagrangian space improves the cross-correlation scale $k$ with initial density field by a factor of 6-7, containing two orders of magnitude more primordial information. This illustrates ability of potential density reconstruction algorithms, to improve the baryonic acoustic oscillation measurements from current and future large scale structure surveys. Read More

For general multi-objective optimization problems, we propose a novel performance metric called domination measure to measure the quality of a solution, which can be intuitively interpreted as the size of the portion of the solution space that dominates that solution. As a result, we reformulate the original multi-objective problem into a stochastic single-objective one and propose a model-based approach to solve it. We show that an ideal version algorithm of the proposed approach converges to a set representation of the global optima of the reformulated problem. Read More