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We present preliminary results obtained by a novel difference method for the study of the nature of the knee in the energy spectrum of the primary cosmic radiation. We have applied this method to data from the GAMMA experiment in Armenia. The analysis provides evidence for the possible existence of a nearby source of primary cosmic rays in the Southern hemisphere. Read More

The OLYMPUS experiment was designed to measure the ratio between the positron-proton and electron-proton elastic scattering cross sections, with the goal of determining the contribution of two-photon exchange to the elastic cross section. Two-photon exchange might resolve the discrepancy between measurements of the proton form factor ratio, $\mu_p G^p_E/G^p_M$, made using polarization techniques and those made in unpolarized experiments. OLYMPUS operated on the DORIS storage ring at DESY, alternating between 2. Read More

The energy spectrum of the primary cosmic radiation in the energy range 1 - 100 PeV and the extensive air shower (EAS) characteristics obtained on the basis of the expanded data bank of the GAMMA experiment (Mt. Aragats, Armenia) are presented. With increased statistics we confirm our previous results on the energy spectrum. Read More

Diffusive Radiation is a new type of radiation predicted to occur in randomly inhomogeneous media due to the multiple scattering of pseudophotons. This theoretical effect is now observed experimentally. The radiation is generated by the passage of electrons of energy 200KeV-2. Read More