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We propose to measure the photo-production cross section of $J/{\psi}$ near threshold, in search of the recently observed LHCb hidden-charm resonances $P_c$(4380) and $P_c$(4450) consistent with 'pentaquarks'. The observation of these resonances in photo-production will provide strong evidence of the true resonance nature of the LHCb states, distinguishing them from kinematic enhancements. A bremsstrahlung photon beam produced with an 11 GeV electron beam at CEBAF covers the energy range of $J/{\psi}$ production from the threshold photo-production energy of 8. Read More

In non-supersymmetric covariant quantum gravity theory, for each system of gravity coupled with single field is one-loop divergent. Since adding other fields or other interactions to each system generates more possible counter-Lagrangian terms, there is room for improvement to restore renormalizability. In this paper, we consider Einstein-Maxwell fields coupled with electrically charged scalar which is the simplest model among the systems of gravity coupled with multiple fields having their own interaction and show that this system is non-renormalizable. Read More