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Spectral fits to M87 core data from radio to hard x-ray are generated via a specially selected software suite, comprised of the HARM GRMHD accretion disk model and a 2D Monte Carlo radiation transport code. By determining appropriate parameter changes necessary to fit x-ray quiescent and flaring behavior of M87's core, we assess the reasonableness of various flaring mechanisms. This shows that an accretion disk model of M87's core out to 28 GM/c^2 can describe the inner emissions. Read More

We present results of models of the physical space and parameters of the accretion disk of Sagittarius A*, as well as simulations of its emergent spectrum. This begins with HARM, a 2D general relativistic magneto-hydrodynamic (GRMHD) model, specifically set up to evolve the space around a black hole. Data from HARM are then fed into a 2D Monte-Carlo (MC) code which generates and tracks emitted photons, allowing for absorption and scattering before they escape the volume. Read More

We present results of simulations of the spectrum of the accretion flow onto the supermassive black hole in our Galactic Centre, Sagittarius A*, generated with a coupling of Monte-Carlo (MC) radiation and general relativistic magnetohydrodynamic (GRMHD) codes. In our modeling, we use the 2D HARM GRMHD code to first model the physical parameters of the disk, then feed its results into our 2D MC photon transport code. We will discuss results obtained which fit radio, IR, and Chandra-obtained flaring or quiescent x-ray data points, as well as the validity of the amount of scaling of input parameters (density, temperature, and magnetic field) required to fit these points. Read More