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Neutron-star magnetospheres are structured by very intense magnetic fields extending from 100 to 10 5 km traveled by very energetic electrons and positrons with Lorentz factors up to $\sim$ 10 7. In this context, particles are forced to travel almost along the magnetic field with very small gyro-motion, potentially reaching the quantified regime. We describe the state of Dirac particles in a locally uniform, constant and curved magnetic field in the approximation that the Larmor radius is very small compared to the radius of curvature of the magnetic field lines. Read More

We investigate the evaporation of close-by pulsar companions, such as planets, asteroids, and white dwarfs, by induction heating. Assuming that the outflow energy is dominated by a Poynting flux (or pulsar wave) at the location of the companions, we calculate their evaporation timescales, by applying the Mie theory. Depending on the size of the companion compared to the incident electromagnetic wavelength, the heating regime varies and can lead to a total evaporation of the companion. Read More

In [Aldous,Pitman,1998] a tree-valued Markov chain is derived by pruning off more and more subtrees along the edges of a Galton-Watson tree. More recently, in [Abraham,Delmas,2012], a continuous analogue of the tree-valued pruning dynamics is constructed along L\'evy trees. In the present paper, we provide a new topology which allows to link the discrete and the continuous dynamics by considering them as instances of the same strong Markov process with different initial conditions. Read More

We consider a one-dimensional diffusion in a stable L\'evy environment. We show that the normalized local time process refocused at the bottom of the standard valley with height $\log t$, $(L_X(t,\mathfrak m_{\log t}+x)/t,x\in \R)$, converges in law to a functional of two independent L\'evy processes conditioned to stay positive. To prove this result, we show that the law of the standard valley is close to a two-sided L\'evy process conditioned to stay positive. Read More

Given a general critical or sub-critical branching mechanism and its associated L\'evy continuum random tree, we consider a pruning procedure on this tree using a Poisson snake. It defines a fragmentation process on the tree. We compute the family of dislocation measures associated with this fragmentation. Read More

Given a general critical or sub-critical branching mechanism, we define a pruning procedure of the associated L\'evy continuum random tree. This pruning procedure is defined by adding some marks on the tree, using L\'evy snake techniques. We then prove that the resulting sub-tree after pruning is still a L\'evy continuum random tree. Read More