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It has recently been discovered that some, if not all, classical novae emit GeV gamma-rays during outburst, but the mechanics of this gamma-ray emission are still not well understood. We present here a comprehensive, multi-wavelength dataset---from radio to X-rays---for the most gamma-ray luminous classical nova to-date, V1324 Sco. Using this dataset, we show that V1324 Sco is a canonical dusty Fe-II type nova, with a bulk ejecta velocity of $1150 \pm 40~\rm km~s^{-1}$ and an ejecta mass of $2. Read More

The microlensing event OGLE-2015-BLG-0448 was observed by Spitzer and lay within the tidal radius of the globular cluster NGC 6558. The event had moderate magnification and was intensively observed, hence it had the potential to probe the distribution of planets in globular clusters. We measure the proper motion of NGC 6558 ($\mu_{\rm cl}$(N,E) = (+0. Read More

We report the discovery of rapid periodic signals in the light curves of two cataclysmic variables with prominent white-dwarf components in their spectra, SDSS J1457+51 and BW Sculptoris. These stars therefore appear to be new members of the GW Lib class of variable star, in which the fast periodic (and non-commensurate with the orbital period) signals are believed to arise from non-radial pulsations in the underlying white dwarf. The power spectra of both stars show complex signals with primary periods near 10 and 20 minutes. Read More