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Publications Authored By Giuseppe Cardone

We consider the spectral Dirichlet problem for the Laplace operator in the plane $\Omega^{\circ}$ with double-periodic perforation but also in the domain $\Omega^{\bullet}$ with a semi-infinite foreign inclusion so that the Floquet-Bloch technique and the Gelfand transform do not apply directly. We describe waves which are localized near the inclusion and propagate along it. We give a formulation of the problem with radiation conditions that provides a Fredholm operator of index zero. Read More

By using the unfolding operators for periodic homogenization, we give a general compactness result for a class of functions defined on bounded domains presenting perforations of two different size. Then we apply this result to the homogenization of the flow of a Bingham fluid in a porous medium with solid obstacles of different size. Next we give the interpretation of the limit problem in term of a non linear Darcy law. Read More

We consider a family $\{\Omega^\varepsilon\}_{\varepsilon>0}$ of periodic domains in $\mathbb{R}^2$ with waveguide geometry and analyse spectral properties of the Neumann Laplacian $-\Delta_{\Omega^\varepsilon}$ on $\Omega^\varepsilon$. The waveguide $\Omega^\varepsilon$ is a union of a thin straight strip of the width $\varepsilon$ and a family of small protuberances with the so-called "room-and-passage" geometry. The protuberances are attached periodically, with a period $\varepsilon$, along the strip upper boundary. Read More

We consider a quadratic operator pencil with a small periodic perturbation multiplied by the spectral parameter. It is motivated, in particular, by a one-dimensional Klein-Gordon equation with a time-parity-symmetric perturbation. We study in details the structure of the considered operator pencil. Read More

In this note we investigate spectral properties of a periodic waveguide $\Omega^\varepsilon$ ($\varepsilon$ is a small parameter) obtained from a straight strip by attaching an array of $\varepsilon$-periodically distributed identical protuberances having "room-and-passage" geometry. In the current work we consider the operator $\mathcal{A}^\varepsilon=-\rho^\varepsilon\Delta_{\Omega^\varepsilon}$, where $\Delta_{\Omega^\varepsilon}$ is the Neumann Laplacian in $\Omega^\varepsilon$, the weight $\rho^\varepsilon$ is equal to $1$ everywhere except the union of the "rooms". We will prove that the spectrum of $\mathcal{A}^\varepsilon$ has at least one gap as $\varepsilon$ is small enough provided certain conditions on the weight $\rho^\varepsilon$ and the sizes of attached protuberances hold. Read More

Let $\Omega\subset\mathbb{R}^n$ be a bounded domain. We perturb it to a domain $\Omega^\varepsilon$ attaching a family of small protuberances with "room-and-passage"-like geometry ($\varepsilon>0$ is a small parameter). Peculiar spectral properties of Neumann problems in so perturbed domains were observed for the first time by R. Read More

We consider an infinite planar straight strip perforated by small holes along a curve. In such domain, we consider a general second order elliptic operator subject to classical boundary conditions on the holes. Assuming that the perforation is non-periodic and satisfies rather weak assumptions, we describe all possible homogenized problems. Read More

In a planar infinite strip with a fast oscillating boundary we consider an elliptic operator assuming that both the period and the amplitude of the oscillations are small. On the oscillating boundary we impose Dirichlet, Neumann or Robin boundary condition. In all cases we describe the homogenized operator, establish the uniform resolvent convergence of the perturbed resolvent to the homogenized one, and prove the estimates for the rate of convergence. Read More

We consider a magnetic Schroedinger operator in a planar infinite strip with frequently and non-periodically alternating Dirichlet and Robin boundary conditions. Assuming that the homogenized boundary condition is the Dirichlet or the Robin one, we establish the uniform resolvent convergence in various operator norms and we prove the estimates for the rates of convergence. It is shown that these estimates can be improved by using special boundary correctors. Read More

We consider a planar waveguide with combined Dirichlet and Neumann conditions imposed in a "twisted" way. We study the discrete spectrum and describe it dependence on the configuration of the boundary conditions. In particular, we show that in certain cases the model can have discrete eigenvalues emerging from the threshold of the essential spectrum. Read More

We consider a waveguide modeled by the Laplacian in a straight planar strip. The Dirichlet boundary condition is taken on the upper boundary, while on the lower boundary we impose periodically alternating Dirichlet and Neumann condition assuming the period of alternation to be small. We study the case when the homogenization gives the Neumann condition instead of the alternating ones. Read More