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Physics - Atomic Physics (3)
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We report a novel optical pulse generation method for high-speed wavelength switching of amplified nanosecond (ns) laser pulses resonant to atomic transitions.Under free-running condition, a slave laser diode is blue-detuned with tens of GHz relative to the master laser. A ns pulse chain generated by modulating the continuous-wave master laser with a fiber-pigtailed electro-optical intensity modulator is injected into the slave laser diode to fast switch the slave laser's wavelength back and forth. Read More

We investigate single cesium (Cs) atom heating owing to the momentum accumulation process induced by the resonant pulsed excitation in a microscopic optical dipole trap formed by a strongly focused 1064 nm laser beam. The heating depends on the trap frequency which restricts the maximum repetition rate of pulsed excitation. We experimentally verify the heating of a single atom and then demonstrate how to suppress it with an optimized pulsed excitation/cooling method. Read More

An 852nm nanosecond laser pulse chain with a high on/off ratio is generated by chopping a continuous-wave laser beam using a Mach-Zehnder-type electro-optic intensity modulator(MZ-EOIM). The detailed dependence of the MZ-EOIM's on/off ratio on various parameters is characterized. By optimizing the incident beam polarization and stabilizing the MZ-EOIM temperature, a static on/off ratio of 12600:1 is achieved. Read More

Tracking-by-detection has become an attractive tracking technique, which treats tracking as a category detection problem. However, the task in tracking is to search for a specific object, rather than an object category as in detection. In this paper, we propose a novel tracking framework based on exemplar detector rather than category detector. Read More