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We develop a gyrokinetic treatment for ions in the magnetic presheath, close to the plasma-wall boundary. We focus on magnetic presheaths with a small magnetic field to wall angle, $\alpha \ll 1$ (in radians). Characteristic lengths perpendicular to the wall in such a magnetic presheath scale with the typical ion Larmor orbit size, $\rho_{\text{i}}$. Read More

The propagation of filaments in the Scrape Off Layer (SOL) of tokamaks largely determine the plasma profiles in the region. In a conduction limited SOL, parallel temperature gradients are expected, such that the resistance to parallel currents is greater at the target than further upstream. Since the perpendicular motion of an isolated filament is largely determined by balance of currents that flow through it, this may be expected to affect filament transport. Read More

This paper presents simulations of isolated 3D filaments in a slab geometry obtained using a 3D reduced fluid code. First, systematic scans were performed to investigate how the dynamics of a filament are affected by its amplitude, perpendicular size and parallel extent. The perpendicular size of the filament was found to have a strong influence on its motions, as it determined the relative importance of parallel currents to polarisation and viscous currents, whilst drift-wave instabilities were observed if the initial amplitude of the blob was increased sufficiently. Read More