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Nonlinear Sciences - Exactly Solvable and Integrable Systems (1)
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Authors: P. Collins, B. G. Ritchie, M. Dugger, A. V. Anisovich, M. Döring, E. Klempt, V. A. Nikonov, D. Rönchen, D. Sadasivan, A. Sarantsev, K. P. Adhikaria, Z. Akbar, M. J. Amaryana, S. Anefalos Pereira, H. Avakiana, J. Ball, I. Balossino, M. Bashkanova, M. Battaglieri, I. Bedlinskiy, A. S. Bisellik, W. J. Briscoe, W. K. Brooks, V. D. Burkert, Frank Thanh Cao, D. S. Carman, A. Celentano, S. Chandavar, G. Charles, T. Chetry, G. Ciullo, L. Clark, L. Colaneri, P. L. Cole, N. Compton, M. Contalbrigo, O. Cortes, V. Crede, A. D'Angelo, N. Dashyan, R. De Vita, E. De Sanctis, A. Deur, C. Djalali, R. Dupre, H. Egiyan, A. El Alaoui, L. El Fassi, L. Elouadrhiri, P. Eugenio, E. Fanchini, G. Fedotov, A. Filippi, J. A. Fleming, Y. Ghandilyan, G. P. Gilfoyle, K. L. Giovanetti, F. X. Girod, D. I. Glazier, C. Gleason, E. Golovatch, R. W. Gothe, K. A. Griffioen, L. Guo, K. Hafidi, H. Hakobyan, C. Hanretty, N. Harrison, D. Heddle, K. Hicks, M. Holtrop, S. M. Hughes, Y. Ilieva, D. G. Ireland, B. S. Ishkhanov, E. L. Isupov, D. Jenkins, H. S. Jo, S. Joosten, D. Keller, G. Khachatryan, M. Khachatryan, M. Khandaker, A. Kim, W. Kim, A. Klein, F. J. Klein, V. Kubarovsky, L. Lanza, P. Lenisa, K. Livingston, I. J. D. MacGregor, N. Markov, B. McKinnon, C. A. Meyer, M. Mirazita, V. Mokeev, R. A. Montgomery, A Movsisyan, C. Munoz Camacho, G. Murdoch, P. Nadel-Turonski, S. Niccolai, G. Niculescu, I. Niculescu, M. Osipenko, A. I. Ostrovidov, M. Paolone, R. Paremuzyan, K. Park, E. Pasyuk, W. Phelps, S. Pisano, O. Pogorelko, J. W. Price, Y. Prok, D. Protopopescu, B. A. Raue, M. Ripani, A. Rizzo, G. Rosner, P. Roy, F. Sabatié, C. Salgado, R. A. Schumacher, Y. G. Sharabian, Iu. Skorodumina, G. D. Smith, D. Sokhan, N. Sparveris, S. Stepanyan, I. I. Strakovsky, S. Strauch, M. Taiuti, Ye Tian, B. Torayev, M. Ungaro, H. Voskanyan, E. Voutier, N. K. Walford, X. Wei, N. Zachariou, J. Zhang

Measurements of the linearly-polarized photon beam asymmetry $\Sigma$ for photoproduction from the proton of $\eta$ and $\eta^\prime$ mesons are reported. A linearly-polarized tagged photon beam produced by coherent bremsstrahlung was incident on a cryogenic hydrogen target within the CEBAF Large Acceptance Spectrometer. Results are presented for the $\gamma p \to \eta p$ reaction for incident photon energies from 1. Read More

We study relaxation in a one-dimensional two-mass mixture of hard-core particles. A heavy-light-heavy triplet of three neighboring particles can form a little known unequal mass generalization of Newton's cradle at particular light-to-heavy mass ratios. An anomalous slow-down in the relaxation of the whole system is expected due to the presence of these triplets, and we provide numerical evidence to support this prediction. Read More