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Filippo Cerocchi

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We survey the problem of separation under conjugacy and malnormality of the abelian peripheral subgroups of an orientable, irreducible $3$-manifold $X$. We shall focus on the relation between this problem and the existence of acylindrical splittings of $\pi_1(X)$ as an amalgamated product or HNN-extension along the abelian subgroups corresponding to the JSJ-tori. Read More

We study Riemannian metrics on compact, torsionless, non-geometric $3$-manifolds, i.e. whose interior does not support any of the eight model geometries. Read More

We consider the stable norm associated to a discrete, torsionless abelian group of isometries $\Gamma \cong \mathbb{Z}^n$ of a geodesic space $(X,d)$. We show that the difference between the stable norm $\| \;\, \|_{st}$ and the distance $d$ is bounded by a constant only depending on the rank $n$ and on upper bounds for the diameter of $\bar X=\Gamma \backslash X$ and the asymptotic volume $\omega(\Gamma, d)$. We also prove that the upper bound on the asymptotic volume is equivalent to a lower bound for the stable systole of the action of $\Gamma$ on $(X,d)$; for this, we establish a Lemma \`a la Margulis for $\mathbb{Z}^n$-actions, which gives optimal estimates of $\omega(\Gamma,d)$ in terms of $\mathrm{stsys}(\Gamma,d)$, and vice versa, and characterize the cases of equality. Read More

We give a sharp comparison between the spectra of two Riemannian manifolds (Y,g) and (X,g_0) under the following assumptions: (X,g_0) has bounded geometry, (Y,g) admits a continuous Gromov-Hausdorff {\epsilon}-approximation onto (X,g_0) of non zero absolute degree, and the volume of (Y,g) is almost smaller than the volume of (X,g_0). These assumption imply no restrictions on the local topology or geometry of (Y,g) in particular no curvature assumption is supposed or infered. Read More

We prove a Margulis' Lemma \`a la Besson Courtois Gallot, for manifolds whose fundamental group is a nontrivial free product A*B, without 2-torsion. Moreover, if A*B is torsion-free we give a lower bound for the homotopy systole in terms of upper bounds on the diameter and the volume entropy. We also provide examples and counterexamples showing the optimality of our assumption. Read More