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Publications Authored By Filip Zelezny

To cluster sequences given only their read-set representations, one may try to reconstruct each one from the corresponding read set, and then employ conventional (dis)similarity measures such as the edit distance on the assembled sequences. This approach is however problematic and we propose instead to estimate the similarities directly from the read sets. Our approach is based on an adaptation of the Monge-Elkan similarity known from the field of databases. Read More

We propose a method combining relational-logic representations with neural network learning. A general lifted architecture, possibly reflecting some background domain knowledge, is described through relational rules which may be handcrafted or learned. The relational rule-set serves as a template for unfolding possibly deep neural networks whose structures also reflect the structures of given training or testing relational examples. Read More

ECML PKDD is the main European conference on machine learning and data mining. Since its foundation it implemented the publication model common in computer science: there was one conference deadline; conference submissions were reviewed by a program committee; papers were accepted with a low acceptance rate. Proceedings were published in several Springer Lecture Notes in Artificial (LNAI) volumes, while selected papers were invited to special issues of the Machine Learning and Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery journals. Read More