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In band-like semiconductors, charge carriers form a thermal energy distribution rapidly after optical excitation. In hybrid lead halide perovskites, the cooling of such thermal distributions has been reported to occur on timescales of ~300 fs via carrier-phonon scattering. However, the initial step of build-up of a thermal Boltzmann distribution proved difficult to resolve with conventional pump-probe techniques due to the requirement of high resolution both in time and in energy. Read More

Epitaxial III-V semiconductor heterostructures are key components in modern microelectronics, electro-optics and optoelectronics. With superior semiconducting properties, halide perovskite materials are rising as promising candidates for coherent heterostructure devices. In this report, spinodal decomposition is proposed and experimentally implemented to produce epitaxial double heterostructures in halide perovskite system. Read More