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Nuclear Theory (2)

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Within the framework of the dinuclear system model, production cross sections of proton-rich nuclei with charged numbers of Z=84-90 are investigated systematically. Possible combinations with the $^{28}$Si, $^{32}$S, $^{40}$Ar bombarding the target nuclides $^{165}$Ho, $^{169}$Tm, $^{170-174}$Yb, $^{175,176}$Lu, $^{174,176-180}$Hf and $^{181}$Ta are analyzed thoroughly. The optimal excitation energies and evaporation channels are proposed to produce the proton-rich nuclei. Read More

Within an isospin and momentum dependent transport model, the dynamics of isospin particles (nucleons and light clusters) in Fermi-energy heavy-ion collisions are investigated for constraining the isospin splitting of nucleon effective mass and the symmetry energy at subsaturation densities. The mass splitting of $m^{*}_{n}>m^{*}_{p}$ and $m^{*}_{n}Read More