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We report the observations of an electron vortex magnetic hole corresponding to a new type of coherent structures in the magnetosheath turbulent plasma using the Magnetospheric Multiscale (MMS) mission data. The magnetic hole is characterized by a magnetic depression, a density peak, a total electron temperature increase (with a parallel temperature decrease but a perpendicular temperature increase), and strong currents carried by the electrons. The current has a dip in the center of the magnetic hole and a peak in the outer region of the magnetic hole. Read More

It is has been proposed that the subsolar magnetopause may support its own eigenmode, consisting of propagating surface waves which reflect at the northern/southern ionospheres forming a standing wave. While the eigenfrequencies of these so-called Kruskal-Schwartzschild (KS) modes have been estimated under typical conditions, the potential distribution of frequencies over the full range of solar wind conditions is not know. Using models of the magnetosphere and magnetosheath applied to an entire solar cycle's worth of solar wind data, we perform time-of-flight calculations yielding a database of KS mode frequencies. Read More