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Motivated by applications in local stereology, a new rotational Crofton formula is derived for Minkowski tensors. For sets of positive reach, the formula shows how rotational averages of intrinsically defined Minkowski tensors on sections passing through the origin are related to the geometry of the sectioned set. In particular, for Minkowski tensors of order j-1 on j-dimensional linear subspaces, we derive an explicit formula for the rotational average involving hypergeometric functions. Read More

In the present paper, we give a condensed review, for the nonspecialist reader, of a new modelling framework for spatio-temporal processes, based on L\'{e}vy theory. We show the potential of the approach in stochastic geometry and spatial statistics by studying L\'{e}vy-based growth modelling of planar objects. The growth models considered are spatio-temporal stochastic processes on the circle. Read More