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We show that the stability theorem of the depolarizing channel holds for the output quantum $p$-R\'enyi entropy for $p \ge 2$ or $p=1$, which is an extension of the well known case $p=2$. As an application, we present a protocol in which Bob determines whether Alice prepares a pure quantum state close to a product state. In the protocol, Alice transmits to Bob multiple copies of a pure state through a depolarizing channel, and Bob estimates its output quantum $p$-R\'enyi entropy. Read More

We characterize the algebraic structure of semi-direct product of cyclic groups, $\Z_{N}\rtimes\Z_{p}$, where $p$ is an odd prime number which does not divide $q-1$ for any prime factor $q$ of $N$, and provide a polynomial-time quantum computational algorithm solving hidden symmetry subgroup problem of the groups. Read More