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Publications Authored By Eugen Mihailescu

We introduce and study skew product Smale endomorphisms over finitely irreducible topological Markov shifts with countable alphabets. We prove that almost all conditional measures of equilibrium states of summable and locally Holder continuous potentials are dimensionally exact, and that their dimension is equal to the ratio of the (global) entropy and the Lyapunov exponent. We also prove for them a formula of Bowen type for the Hausdorff dimension of all fibers. Read More

We study conformal iterated function systems (IFS) $\mathcal S = \{\phi_i\}_{i \in I}$ with arbitrary overlaps, and measures $\mu$ on limit sets $\Lambda$, which are projections of equilibrium measures $\hat \mu$ with respect to a certain lift map $\Phi$ on $\Sigma_I^+ \times \Lambda$. No type of Open Set Condition is assumed. We introduce a notion of overlap function and overlap number for such a measure $\hat \mu$ with respect to $\mathcal S$; and, in particular a notion of (topological) overlap number $o(\mathcal S)$. Read More

We study invariant measures for random countable (finite or infinite) conformal iterated function systems (IFS) with arbitrary overlaps. We do not assume any type of separation condition. We prove, under a mild assumption of finite entropy, the dimensional exactness of the projections of invariant measures from the shift space, and we give a formula for their dimension, in the context of random infinite conformal iterated function systems with overlaps. Read More

We construct first a class of Moran fractals in R^d with countably many generators and non-stationary contraction rates; at each step n, the contractions depend on n-truncated sequences, and are related to asymptotic letter frequencies. In some cases the sets of contractions may be infinite at each step. We show that the Hausdorff dimension of such a fractal is equal to the zero h of a pressure function. Read More

We investigate quantization coefficients for self-similar probability measures \mu on limit sets which are generated by systems S of infinitely many contractive similarities and by probabilistic vectors. The theory of quantization coefficients for infinite systems has significant differences from the finite case. One of these differences is the lack of finite maximal antichains, and the fact that the set of contraction ratios has zero infimum; another difference resides in the specific geometry of the non-compact limit set J of S. Read More

For a hyperbolic map f on a saddle type fractal Lambda with self-intersections, the number of f- preimages of a point x in Lambda may depend on x. This makes estimates of the stable dimensions more difficult than for diffeomorphisms or for maps which are constant-to-one. We employ the thermodynamic formalism in order to derive estimates for the stable Hausdorff dimension function delta^s on Lambda, in the case when f is conformal on local stable manifolds. Read More

We consider the case of hyperbolic basic sets $\Lambda$ of saddle type for holomorphic maps $f: \mathbb P^2\mathbb C \to \mathbb P^2\mathbb C$. We study equilibrium measures $\mu_\phi$ associated to a class of H\"older potentials $\phi$ on $\Lambda$, and find the measures $\mu_\phi$ of iterates of arbitrary Bowen balls. Estimates for the pointwise dimension $\delta_{\mu_\phi}$ of $\mu_\phi$ that involve Lyapunov exponents and a correction term are found, and also a formula for the Hausdorff dimension of $\mu_\phi$ in the case when the preimage counting function is constant on $\Lambda$. Read More

In this paper we study the dynamics and ergodic theory of certain economic models which are implicitly defined. We consider 1-dimensional and 2-dimensional overlapping generations models, a cash-in-advance model, heterogeneous markets and a cobweb model with adaptive adjustment. We consider the inverse limit spaces of certain chaotic invariant fractal sets and their metric, ergodic and stability properties. Read More

We study the entropy production of Gibbs (equilibrium) measures for chaotic dynamical systems with folding of the phase space. The dynamical chaotic model is that generated by a hyperbolic non-invertible map $f$ on a general basic (possibly fractal) set $\Lambda$; the non-invertibility creates new phenomena and techniques than in the diffeomorphism case. We prove a formula for the \textit{entropy production}, involving an asymptotic logarithmic degree, with respect to the equilibrium measure $\mu_\phi$ associated to the potential $\phi$. Read More

We show that expanding toral endomorphisms, together with their respective Lebesgue measure are isomorphic to 1-sided Bernoulli shifts. This result is then extended to smooth perturbations of expanding toral endomorphisms, together with their respective measures of maximal entropy. Also we study group extensions of expanding toral endomorphisms and show that under certain, not too restrictive conditions on the extension cocycle, these skew products are 1-sided Bernoulli as well. Read More

In the case of smooth non-invertible maps which are hyperbolic on folded basic sets $\Lambda$, we give approximations for the Gibbs states (equilibrium measures) of arbitrary H\"{o}lder potentials, with the help of weighted sums of atomic measures on preimage sets of high order. Our endomorphism may have also stable directions on $\Lambda$, thus it is non-expanding in general. Folding of the phase space means that we do not have a foliation structure for the local unstable manifolds (they depend on the whole past and may intersect each other both inside and outside $\Lambda$), and moreover the number of preimages remaining in $\Lambda$ may vary; also Markov partitions do not always exist on $\Lambda$. Read More

We study stable conditional measures for a certain equilibrium measure for hyperbolic endomorphisms, on basic sets with overlaps; we show that these conditional measures are geometric probabilities and measures of maximal stable dimension. They are also proved to be absolutely continuous if and only if the respective basic set is a folded repellor. Examples of such non-reversible systems and their associated measures are given too. Read More

We study a class of skew products with overlaps in fibers and show that in this case the unstable manifolds really depend on prehistories, even for perturbations of the original maps. We also give several results about the Hausdorff dimension of the fibers of the respective locally maximal invariant set, by using the inverse pressure, the thickness of Cantor sets and some bounds for the preimage counting function. Read More

We study some new invariant measures arising from local inverse iterates. Examples are also given. Read More

We use the inverse pressure concept to estimate the stable dimension for hyperbolic non-invertible maps which are conformal in the stable fibers. The non-invertible case is different than the diffeomorphism case. In particular we show that if the map is open on the respective basic set, then the stable dimension is constant everywhere. Read More