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Based on the observed high velocity of pulsars it is thought that neutron stars (NSs) receive a significant velocity kick at birth. Such natal kicks are considered to play an important role in the the evolution of binary-NS systems. The kick given to the NS (together with the effect of mass loss due to the supernova explosion of the NS progenitor) may result in the binary disruption or lead to a significant change of the binary orbital properties. Read More

We present a numerical calculation of the dynamical interaction between the proposed Planet Nine and an initially thin circular debris disk around the Sun for 4Gyr, accounting the secular perturbation of the four giant planets. We show that Planet Nine governs the dynamics in between 1000-5000AU and forms spherical structure in the inner part (~1000AU) surrounded by an inclined disk aligned to its orbital plane. This structure is the outcome of mean motion resonances and secular interaction with Planet Nine. Read More

A fundamental aspect of the three-body problem is its stability. Most stability studies have focused on the co-planar three-body problem, deriving analytic criteria for the dynamical stability of such pro/retrograde systems. Numerical studies of inclined systems phenomenologically mapped their stability regions, but neither complement it by theoretical framework, nor provided satisfactory fit for their dependence on mutual inclinations. Read More

We present a potentially efficient dynamical formation scenario for Low Mass X-ray Binaries (LMXBs) in the field, focusing on black-hole (BH) LMXBs. In this formation channel LMXBs are formed from wide binaries $(>1000$ AU) with a BH component and a stellar companion. The wide binary is perturbed by fly-by's of field stars and its orbit random-walks and changes over time. Read More

The dwarf planet Pluto is known to host an extended system of five co-planar satellites. Previous studies have explored the formation and evolution of the system in isolation, neglecting perturbative effects by the Sun. Here we show that secular evolution due to the Sun can strongly affect the evolution of outer satellites and rings in the system, if such exist. Read More

Recent studies have shown that secular evolution of triple systems can play a major role in the evolution and interaction of their inner binaries. Very few studies explored the stellar evolution of triple systems, and in particular the mass loss phase of the evolving stellar components. Here we study the dynamical secular evolution of hierarchical triple systems undergoing mass loss. Read More

The statistical properties of overlap sums of groups of four eigenfunctions of the Anderson model for localization as well as combinations of four eigenenergies are computed. Some of the distributions are found to be scaling functions, as expected from the scaling theory for localization. These enable to compute the distributions in regimes that are otherwise beyond the computational resources. Read More

For the Nonlinear Shr\"odinger Equation with disorder it was found numerically that in some regime of the parameters Anderson localization is destroyed and subdiffusion takes place for a long time interval. It was argued that the nonlinear term acts as random noise. In the present work the properties of this effective noise are studied numerically. Read More