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In this short note, by modifying the results and proofs given in the author's recent work, we simply show that the difference of a Hauptmodul for any genus zero group $\Gamma_{0}(N)$ is a Borcherds lift. This work extends Scheithauer's results in a different direction. As a consequence, we derive Monster denominator formula like product expansion for these Hilbert modular forms. Read More

In this note, we establish $\Gamma_{1}(N)$-analogues for the monster denominator formula. Read More

In this note, we construct canonical bases for the spaces of weakly holomorphic modular forms with poles supported at the cusp $\infty$ for $\Gamma_{0}(4)$ of integral weight $k$ for $k\leq-1$, and we make use of the basis elements for the case $k=-1$ to construct explicit Borcherds products on unitary group $U(2,1)$. Read More

Suppose $k$ is a positive integer. In this work, we establish formulas for for the number of representations of integers by the quadratic forms $$ x_{1}^{2}+\cdots+x_{k}^{2}+l\left(x_{k+1}^{2}+\cdots+x_{2k}^{2}\right) $$ for $l\in\{2,4\}$. Read More

The Ramanujan--Mordell Theorem for sums of an even number of squares is extended to other quadratic forms and quadratic polynomials. Read More