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Based on the observed high velocity of pulsars it is thought that neutron stars (NSs) receive a significant velocity kick at birth. Such natal kicks are considered to play an important role in the the evolution of binary-NS systems. The kick given to the NS (together with the effect of mass loss due to the supernova explosion of the NS progenitor) may result in the binary disruption or lead to a significant change of the binary orbital properties. Read More

A Lie algebraic method for propagation of the Wigner quasi-distribution function under quadratic Hamiltonian was presented by Zoubi and Ben-Aryeh. We show that the same method can be used in order to propagate a rather general class of quasi distribution functions, which we call "Gaussian class". This class contains as special cases the well-known Wigner, Husimi, Glauber and Kirkwood-Rihaczek quasi-distribution functions. Read More