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Training object class detectors typically requires a large set of images with objects annotated by bounding boxes. However, manually drawing bounding boxes is very time consuming. In this paper we greatly reduce annotation time by proposing center-click annotations: we ask annotators to click on the center of an imaginary bounding box which tightly encloses the object instance. Read More

Quantum-dot fabrication and characterization is a well-established technology, which is used in photonics, quantum optics and nanoelectronics. Four quantum-dots placed at the corners of a square form a unit cell, which can hold a bit of information and serve as a basis for Quantum-dot Cellular Automata (QCA) nanoelectronic circuits. Although several basic QCA circuits have been designed, fabricated and tested, proving that quantum-dots can form functional, fast and low-power nanoelectornic circuits, QCA nanoelectronics still remain at its infancy. Read More

Training object class detectors typically requires a large set of images in which objects are annotated by bounding-boxes. However, manually drawing bounding-boxes is very time consuming. We propose a new scheme for training object detectors which only requires annotators to verify bounding-boxes produced automatically by the learning algorithm. Read More