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We prove that connectors are stable under quotients in any (regular) Goursat category. As a consequence, the category $\mathsf{Conn}(\mathbb{C})$ of connectors in $\mathbb{C}$ is a Goursat category whenever $\mathbb C$ is. This implies that Goursat categories can be characterised in terms of a simple property of internal groupoids. Read More

The aim of this paper is to solve a problem proposed by Dominique Bourn: to provide a categorical-algebraic characterisation of groups amongst monoids and of rings amongst semirings. In the case of monoids, our solution is given by the following equivalent conditions: (i) $G$ is a group; (ii) $G$ is a Mal'tsev object, i.e. Read More

We give a new sufficient condition for the normal extensions in an admissible Galois structure to be reflective. We then show that this condition is indeed fulfilled when X is the (protomodular) reflective subcategory of S-special objects of a Barr-exact S-protomodular category C, where S is the class of split epimorphic trivial extensions in C. Next to some concrete examples where the criterion may be applied, we also study the adjunction between a Barr-exact unital category and its abelian core, which we prove to be admissible. Read More

We characterise regular Goursat categories through a specific stability property of regular epimorphisms with respect to pullbacks. Under the assumption of the existence of some pushouts this property can be also expressed as a restricted Beck-Chevalley condition, with respect to the fibration of points, for a special class of commutative squares. In the case of varieties of universal algebras these results give, in particular, a structural explanation of the existence of the ternary operations characterising $3$-permutable varieties of universal algebras. Read More

We establish a Galois-theoretic interpretation of cohomology in semi-abelian categories: cohomology with trivial coefficients classifies central extensions, also in arbitrarily high degrees. This allows us to obtain a duality, in a certain sense, between "internal" homology and "external" cohomology in semi-abelian categories. These results depend on a geometric viewpoint of the concept of a higher central extension, as well as the algebraic one in terms of commutators. Read More

We extend some properties of pullbacks which are known to hold in a Mal'tsev context to the more general context of Gumm categories. The varieties of universal algebras which are Gumm categories are precisely the congruence modular ones. These properties lead to a simple alternative proof of the known property that central extensions and normal extensions coincide for any Galois structure associated with a Birkhoff subcategory of an exact Goursat category. Read More

We investigate unital, subtractive and strongly unital regular categories with enough projectives and give characterizations of their projective covers. The categorical equation "strongly unital = unital + subtractive" is explored: this leads to proofs of their varietal characterizations in terms of the categorical properties of the corresponding algebraic theories. Read More

We prove that a regular category $\mathcal C$ is a Mal'tsev category if and only if a strong form of the denormalised $3 \times 3$ Lemma holds true in $\mathcal C$. In this version of the $3 \times 3$ Lemma, the vertical exact forks are replaced by pullbacks of regular epimorphisms along arbitrary morphisms. The shape of the diagram it determines suggests to call it the Cuboid Lemma. Read More

$2$-star-permutable categories were introduced in a joint work with Z. Janelidze and A. Ursini as a common generalisation of regular Mal'tsev categories and of normal subtractive categories. Read More

We prove that in a regular category all reflexive and transitive relations are symmetric if and only if every internal category is an internal groupoid. In particular, these conditions hold when the category is n-permutable for some n. Read More

We show that varietal techniques based on the existence of operations of a certain arity can be extended to n-permutable categories with binary coproducts. This is achieved via what we call approximate Hagemann-Mitschke co-operations, a generalisation of the notion of approximate Mal'tsev co-operation. In particular, we extend characterisation theorems for n-permutable varieties due to J. Read More