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Publications Authored By Davide Barilari

We prove that ideal sub-Riemannian manifolds (i.e., admitting no non-trivial abnormal minimizers) support interpolation inequalities for optimal transport. Read More

We prove a sub-Riemannian version of Bonnet-Myers theorem that applies to any quaternionic contact manifold of dimension bigger than 7. The curvature condition is expressed in terms of bounds on the horizontal component of standard tensors of quaternionic contact geometry. It is obtained by explicit computation of the sub-Riemannian curvature on quaternionic contact manifolds, defined as coefficients of the sub-Riemannian Jacobi equation. Read More

We prove that H-type Carnot groups of rank $k$ and dimension $n$ satisfy the $\mathrm{MCP}(K,N)$ if and only if $K\leq 0$ and $N \geq k+3(n-k)$. The latter integer coincides with the geodesic dimension of the Carnot group. The same result holds true for the larger class of generalized H-type Carnot groups introduced in this paper, and for which we compute explicitly the optimal synthesis. Read More

We prove that the value function associated with an affine optimal control problem with quadratic cost plus a potential is smooth on an open and dense subset of the interior of its attainable set. The result is obtained by a careful analysis of points of continuity of the value function, without assuming any condition on singular minimizers. Read More

By adapting a technique of Molchanov, we obtain the heat kernel asymptotics at the sub-Riemannian cut locus, when the cut points are reached by an $r$-dimensional parametric family of optimal geodesics. We apply these results to the bi-Heisenberg group, that is, a nilpotent left-invariant sub-Rieman\-nian structure on $\mathbb{R}^{5}$ depending on two real parameters $\alpha_{1}$ and $\alpha_{2}$. We develop some results about its geodesics and heat kernel associated to its sub-Laplacian and we illuminate some interesting geometric and analytic features appearing when one compares the isotropic ($\alpha_{1}=\alpha_{2}$) and the non-isotropic cases ($\alpha_{1}\neq \alpha_{2}$). Read More

We study the variation of a smooth volume form along extremals of a variational problem with nonholonomic constraints and an action-like Lagrangian. We introduce a new invariant describing the interaction of the volume with the dynamics and we study its basic properties. We then show how this invariant, together with curvature-like invariants of the dynamics, appear in the expansion of the volume at regular points of the exponential map. Read More

We consider the heat equation associated with a class of second order hypoelliptic H\"{o}rmander operators with constant second order term and linear drift. We describe the possible small time heat kernel expansion on the diagonal giving a geometric characterization of the coefficients in terms of the divergence of the drift field and the curvature-like invariants of the optimal control problem associated with the diffusion operator. Read More

In this paper we study the sub-Finsler geometry as a time-optimal control problem. In particular, we consider non-smooth and non-strictly convex sub-Finsler structures associated with the Heisenberg, Grushin, and Martinet distributions. Motivated by problems in geometric group theory, we characterize extremal curves, discuss their optimality, and calculate the metric spheres, proving their Euclidean rectifiability. Read More

In sub-Riemannian geometry the coefficients of the Jacobi equation define curvature-like invariants. We show that these coefficients can be interpreted as the curvature of a canonical Ehresmann connection associated to the metric, first introduced in [Zelenko-Li]. We show why this connection is naturally nonlinear, and we discuss some of its properties. Read More

We compare different notions of curvature on contact sub-Riemannian manifolds. In particular we introduce canonical curvatures as the coefficients of the sub-Riemannian Jacobi equation. The main result is that all these coefficients are encoded in the asymptotic expansion of the horizontal derivatives of the sub-Riemannian distance. Read More

We prove sectional and Ricci-type comparison theorems for the existence of conjugate points along sub-Riemannian geodesics. In order to do that, we regard sub-Riemannian structures as a special kind of variational problems. In this setting, we identify a class of models, namely linear quadratic optimal control systems, that play the role of the constant curvature spaces. Read More

In this paper we provide the small-time heat kernel asymptotics at the cut locus in three relevant cases: generic low-dimensional Riemannian manifolds, generic 3D contact sub-Riemannian manifolds (close to the starting point) and generic 4D quasi-contact sub-Riemannian manifolds (close to a generic starting point). As a byproduct, we show that, for generic low-dimensional Riemannian manifolds, the only singularities of the exponential map, as a Lagragian map, that can arise along a minimizing geodesic are $A_3$ and $A_5$ (in the classification of Arnol'd's school). We show that in the non-generic case, a cornucopia of asymptotics can occur, even for Riemannian surfaces. Read More

The curvature discussed in this paper is a rather far going generalization of the Riemannian sectional curvature. We define it for a wide class of optimal control problems: a unified framework including geometric structures such as Riemannian, sub-Riemannian, Finsler and sub-Finsler structures; a special attention is paid to the sub-Riemannian (or Carnot-Caratheodory) metric spaces. Our construction of the curvature is direct and naive, and it is similar to the original approach of Riemann. Read More

We introduce the notion of induced Maslov cycle, which describes and unifies geometrical and topological invariants of many apparently unrelated problems, from Real Algebraic Geometry to sub-Riemannian Geometry. Read More

For an equiregular sub-Riemannian manifold M, Popp's volume is a smooth volume which is canonically associated with the sub-Riemannian structure, and it is a natural generalization of the Riemannian one. In this paper we prove a general formula for Popp's volume, written in terms of a frame adapted to the sub-Riemannian distribution. As a first application of this result, we prove an explicit formula for the canonical sub-Laplacian, namely the one associated with Popp's volume. Read More

In this paper we investigate the small time heat kernel asymptotics on the cut locus on a class of surfaces of revolution, which are the simplest 2-dimensional Riemannian manifolds different from the sphere with non trivial cut-conjugate locus. We determine the degeneracy of the exponential map near a cut-conjugate point and present the consequences of this result to the small time heat kernel asymptotics at this point. These results give a first example where the minimal degeneration of the asymptotic expansion at the cut locus is attained. Read More

For a sub-Riemannian manifold provided with a smooth volume, we relate the small time asymptotics of the heat kernel at a point $y$ of the cut locus from $x$ with roughly "how much" $y$ is conjugate to $x$. This is done under the hypothesis that all minimizers connecting $x$ to $y$ are strongly normal, i.e. Read More

In this paper we study the nilpotent 2-step, corank 2 sub-Riemannian metrics that are nilpotent approximations of general sub-Riemannian metrics. We exhibit optimal syntheses for these problems. It turns out that in general the cut time is not equal to the first conjugate time but has a simple explicit expression. Read More

In this paper we study the small time asymptotics for the heat kernel on a sub-Riemannian manifold, using a perturbative approach. We then explicitly compute, in the case of a 3D contact structure, the first two coefficients of the small time asymptotics expansion of the heat kernel on the diagonal, expressing them in terms of the two basic functional invariants $\chi$ and $\kappa$ defined on a 3D contact structure. Read More

We give a complete classification of left-invariant sub-Riemannian structures on three dimensional Lie groups in terms of the basic differential invariants. As a corollary we explicitly find a sub-Riemannian isometry between the nonisomorphic Lie groups SL(2) and $A^+(\R)\times S^1$, where $A^+(\R)$ denotes the group of orientation preserving affine maps on the real line. Read More

For a regular sub-Riemannian manifold we study the Radon-Nikodym derivative of the spherical Hausdorff measure with respect to a smooth volume. We prove that this is the volume of the unit ball in the nilpotent approximation and it is always a continuous function. We then prove that up to dimension 4 it is smooth, while starting from dimension 5, in corank 1 case, it is C^3 (and C^4 on every smooth curve) but in general not C^5. Read More