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David Ilcinkas
LaBRI, INRIA Bordeaux - Sud-Ouest

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Computer Science - Data Structures and Algorithms (2)
Computer Science - Computational Geometry (1)
Computer Science - Distributed; Parallel; and Cluster Computing (1)

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We deal with the problem of maintaining a shortest-path tree rooted at some process r in a network that may be disconnected after topological changes. The goal is then to maintain a shortest-path tree rooted at r in its connected component, Vr, and make all processes of other components detecting that r is not part of their connected component. We propose, in the composite atomicity model, a silent self-stabilizing algorithm for this problem working in semi-anonymous networks, where edges have strictly positive weights. Read More

Two mobile agents (robots) have to meet in an a priori unknown bounded terrain modeled as a polygon, possibly with polygonal obstacles. Agents are modeled as points, and each of them is equipped with a compass. Compasses of agents may be incoherent. Read More

Affiliations: 1LaBRI, INRIA Bordeaux - Sud-Ouest, 2LaBRI, INRIA Bordeaux - Sud-Ouest, 3LaBRI

A mobile robot represented by a point moving in the plane has to explore an unknown terrain with obstacles. Both the terrain and the obstacles are modeled as arbitrary polygons. We consider two scenarios: the unlimited vision, when the robot situated at a point p of the terrain explores (sees) all points q of the terrain for which the segment pq belongs to the terrain, and the limited vision, when we require additionally that the distance between p and q be at most 1. Read More