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Our ultimate goal is to efficiently enable end-users to correctly anticipate a robot's behavior in novel situations. This behavior is often a direct result of the robot's underlying objective function. Our insight is that end-users need to have an accurate mental model of this objective function in order to understand and predict what the robot will do. Read More

Machine learning techniques are often used in computer vision due to their ability to leverage large amounts of training data to improve performance. Unfortunately, most generic object trackers are still trained from scratch online and do not benefit from the large number of videos that are readily available for offline training. We propose a method for offline training of neural networks that can track novel objects at test-time at 100 fps. Read More

Deep learning methods have typically been trained on large datasets in which many training examples are available. However, many real-world product datasets have only a small number of images available for each product. We explore the use of deep learning methods for recognizing object instances when we have only a single training example per class. Read More