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The Advanced Compton Telescope (ACT), the next major step in gamma-ray astronomy, will probe the fires where chemical elements are formed by enabling high-resolution spectroscopy of nuclear emission from supernova explosions. During the past two years, our collaboration has been undertaking a NASA mission concept study for ACT. This study was designed to (1) transform the key scientific objectives into specific instrument requirements, (2) to identify the most promising technologies to meet those requirements, and (3) to design a viable mission concept for this instrument. Read More

We analyze the spectral lags of a sample of bright gamma-ray burst pulses observed by CGRO BATSE and compare these with the results of high-resolution spectroscopical investigations. We find that pulses with hard spectra have the largest lags, and that there is a similar, but weaker correlation between hardness-intensity correlation index, eta, and lag. We also find that the lags differ considerably between pulses within a burst. Read More

We analyze the time profiles of individual gamma-ray burst (GRB) pulses, that are longer than 2 s, by modelling them with analytical functions that are based empirical descriptions of GRB spectral evolution. These analytical profiles are independent of the emission mechanism and can be used to model both the rise and decay profiles Using this method, we have studied a sample of 77 individual GRB pulses, allowing us to examine the fluence, pulse width, asymmetry, and rise and decay power-law distributions. We find that the rise phase is best modelled with a power law of average index $r = 1. Read More