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Publications Authored By D. Nguyen

Monoclonal antibodies constitute one of the most important strategies to treat patients suffering from cancers such as hematological malignancies and solid tumors. In order to guarantee the quality of those preparations prepared at hospital, quality control has to be developed. The aim of this study was to explore a noninvasive, nondestructive, and rapid analytical method to ensure the quality of the final preparation without causing any delay in the process. Read More

We present a novel neural network model that learns POS tagging and graph-based dependency parsing jointly. Our model uses bidirectional LSTMs to learn feature representations shared for both POS tagging and dependency parsing tasks, thus handling the feature-engineering problem. Our extensive experiments, on 19 languages from the Universal Dependencies project, show that our model outperforms the state-of-the-art neural network-based Stack-propagation model for joint POS tagging and transition-based dependency parsing, resulting in a new state of the art. Read More

This paper is concerned with the numerical solution to a 3D coefficient inverse problem for buried objects with multi-frequency experimental data. The measured data, which are associated with a single direction of an incident plane wave, are backscatter data for targets buried in a sandbox. These raw scattering data were collected using a microwave scattering facility at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Read More

Pathologists routinely classify breast tumors according to recurring patterns of nuclear grades, cytoplasmic coloration, and large-scale morphological formations (i.e. streams of spindle cells, adenoid islands, etc. Read More

The Quadrant-Slope Index (QSI) method was created in order to detect subtle patterns of organization in tumor images that have metaplastic elements, such as streams of spindle cells [1]. However, metaplastic tumors also have nuclei that may be aligned like a stream but are not obvious to the pathologist because the shape of the cytoplasm is unclear. The previous method that I developed, the Nearest-Neighbor Angular Profile (N-NAP) method [2], is good for detecting subtle patterns of order based on the assumption that breast tumor cells are attempting to arrange themselves side-by-side (like bricks), as in the luminal compartment of a normal mammary gland [3]. Read More

This paper is devoted to the analysis of a simple Lotka-Volterra food chain evolving in a stochastic environment. It can be seen as the companion paper of Hening and Nguyen `17 where we have characterized the persistence and extinction of such a food chain under the assumption that there is no intraspecific competition among predators. In the current paper we focus on the case when all the species experience intracompetition. Read More

In recent years there has been a growing interest in the study of the dynamics of stochastic populations. A key question in population biology is to understand the conditions under which populations coexist or go extinct. Theoretical and empirical studies have shown that coexistence can be facilitated or negated by both biotic interactions and environmental fluctuations. Read More

The extensive use of social media platforms, especially during disasters, creates unique opportunities for humanitarian organizations to gain situational awareness and launch relief operations accordingly. In addition to the textual content, people post overwhelming amounts of imagery data on social networks within minutes of a disaster hit. Studies point to the importance of this online imagery content for emergency response. Read More

Protein-ligand binding is essential to almost all life processes. The understanding of protein-ligand interactions is fundamentally important to rational drug design and protein design. Based on large scale data sets, we show that protein rigidity strengthening or flexibility reduction is a pivoting mechanism in protein-ligand binding. Read More

We study complexity of short sentences in Presburger arithmetic (Short-PA). Here by "short" we mean sentences with a bounded number of variables, quantifiers, inequalities and Boolean operations; the input consists only of the integers involved in the inequalities. We prove that assuming Kannan's partition can be found in polynomial time, the satisfiability of Short-PA sentences can be decided in polynomial time. Read More

We present a feature functional theory - binding predictor (FFT-BP) for the protein-ligand binding affinity prediction. The underpinning assumptions of FFT-BP are as follows: i) representability: there exists a microscopic feature vector that can uniquely characterize and distinguish one protein-ligand complex from another; ii) feature-function relationship: the macroscopic features, including binding free energy, of a complex is a functional of microscopic feature vectors; and iii) similarity: molecules with similar microscopic features have similar macroscopic features, such as binding affinity. Physical models, such as implicit solvent models and quantum theory, are utilized to extract microscopic features, while machine learning algorithms are employed to rank the similarity among protein-ligand complexes. Read More

We analyze the asymptotic behavior of the ground state solution to the boson star equation when the interaction strength tends to a critical value. Read More

Knowledge bases of real-world facts about entities and their relationships are useful resources for a variety of natural language processing tasks. However, because knowledge bases are typically incomplete, it is useful to be able to perform knowledge base completion, i.e. Read More

We study the persistence and extinction of species in a simple food chain that is modelled by a Lotka-Volterra system with environmental stochasticity. There exist sharp results for deterministic Lotka-Volterra systems in the literature but few for their stochastic counterparts. The food chain we analyze consists of one prey and $n-1$ predators. Read More

We give complexity analysis of the class of short generating functions (GF). Assuming $\#P \not\subseteq FP/poly$, we show that this class is not closed under taking many intersections, unions or projections of GFs, in the sense that these operations can increase the bitlength of coefficients of GFs by a super-polynomial factor. We also prove that truncated theta functions are hard in this class. Read More

We prove that integer programming with three quantifier alternations is $NP$-complete, even for a fixed number of variables. This complements earlier results by Lenstra and Kannan, which together say that integer programming with at most two quantifier alternations can be done in polynomial time for a fixed number of variables. As a byproduct of the proof, we show that for two polytopes $P,Q \subset \mathbb{R}^4$ , counting the projection of integer points in $Q \backslash P$ is $\#P$-complete. Read More

The feature-rich electronic and magnetic properties of fluorine-doped graphene nanoribbons are investigated by the first-principles calculations. They arise from the cooperative or competitive relations among the significant chemical bonds, finite-size quantum confinement and edge structure. There exist C-C, C-F, and F-F bonds with the multi-orbital hybridizations. Read More

The Parallel Meaning Bank is a corpus of translations annotated with shared, formal meaning representations comprising over 11 million words divided over four languages (English, German, Italian, and Dutch). Our approach is based on cross-lingual projection: automatically produced (and manually corrected) semantic annotations for English sentences are mapped onto their word-aligned translations, assuming that the translations are meaning-preserving. The semantic annotation consists of five main steps: (i) segmentation of the text in sentences and lexical items; (ii) syntactic parsing with Combinatory Categorial Grammar; (iii) universal semantic tagging; (iv) symbolization; and (v) compositional semantic analysis based on Discourse Representation Theory. Read More

Let $I$ and $J$ be nonzero ideals in two Noetherian algebras $A$ and $B$ over a field $k$. We study algebraic properties and invariants of symbolic powers of the ideal $I+J$ in $A\otimes_k B$. Our main technical result is the binomial expansion $(I+J)^{(n)} = \sum_{i+j = n} I^{(i)} J^{(j)}$ for all $n > 0$. Read More

This paper addresses the issue of the determination of the frictional stress distribution from the inversion of the measured surface displacement field for sliding interfaces between a glass lens and a rubber (poly(dimethylsiloxane)) substrate. Experimental results show that high lateral strains are achieved at the periphery of the sliding contacts. As a consequence, an accurate inversion of the displacement field requires that finite strains and non linear response of the rubber substrate are taken into account. Read More

We report on measurements of the local friction law at a multi-contact interface formed between a smooth rubber and statistically rough glass lenses, under steady state friction. Using contact imaging, surface displacements are measured, and inverted to extract both distributions of frictional shear stress and contact pressure with a spatial resolution of about 10~$\mu$m. For a glass surface whose topography is self-affine with a Gaussian height asperity distribution, the local frictional shear stress is found to vary strongly sub-linearly with the local contact pressure over the whole investigated pressure range. Read More

This paper reports on the frictional properties of smooth rubber substrates sliding against rigid surfaces covered with various densities of colloidal nano-particles (average diameter 77 nm). Friction experiments were carried out using a transparent Poly(dimethyl siloxane) (PDMS) rubber contacting a silica lens with silica nano-particles sintered onto its surface. Using a previously described methodology (Nguyen \textit{et al. Read More

This paper studies marijuana-related tweets in social network Twitter. We collected more than 300,000 marijuana related tweets during November 2016 in our study. Our text-mining based algorithms and data analysis unveil some interesting patterns including: (i) users' attitudes (e. Read More

Reliable broadcasting data to multiple receivers over lossy wireless channels is challenging due to the heterogeneity of the wireless link conditions. Automatic Repeat-reQuest (ARQ) based retransmission schemes are bandwidth inefficient due to data duplication at receivers. Network coding (NC) has been shown to be a promising technique for improving network bandwidth efficiency by combining multiple lost data packets for retransmission. Read More

Recent studies have shown that information mined from Craigslist can be used for informing public health policy or monitoring risk behavior. This paper presents a text-mining method for conducting public health surveillance of marijuana use concerns in the U.S. Read More

We extend the Barvinok-Woods algorithm for enumeration of integer points in projections of polytopes to unbounded polyhedra. For this, we obtain a new structural result on projections of semilinear subsets of the integer lattice. We extend the results to general formulas in Presburger Arithmetic. Read More

We consider joint optimization of artificial noise (AN) and information signals in a MIMO wiretap interference network, wherein the transmission of each link may be overheard by several MIMO-capable eavesdroppers. Each information signal is accompanied with AN, generated by the same user to confuse nearby eavesdroppers. Using a noncooperative game, a distributed optimization mechanism is proposed to maximize the secrecy rate of each link. Read More

We derive a number of exact relations between response functions of holomorphic, chiral fractional quantum Hall states and their particle-hole (PH) conjugates. These exact relations allow one to calculate the Hall conductivity, Hall viscosity, various Berry phases, and the static structure factor of PH-conjugate states from the corresponding properties of the original states. These relations establish a precise duality between chiral quantum Hall states and their PH-conjugates. Read More

We complete the classification of rank two affine manifolds in the moduli space of translation surfaces in genus three. Combined with a recent result of Mirzakhani and Wright, this completes the classification of higher rank affine manifolds in genus three. Read More

Recent research has shown that the performance of search personalization depends on the richness of user profiles which normally represent the user's topical interests. In this paper, we propose a new embedding approach to learning user profiles, where users are embedded on a topical interest space. We then directly utilize the user profiles for search personalization. Read More

The goal of this paper is to reconstruct spatially distributed dielectric constants from complex-valued scattered wave field by solving a 3D coefficient inverse problem for the Helmholtz equation at multi-frequencies. The data are generated by only a single direction of the incident plane wave. To solve this inverse problem, a globally convergent algorithm is analytically developed. Read More

In this paper, we consider the patient similarity matching problem over a cancer cohort of more than 220,000 patients. Our approach first leverages on Word2Vec framework to embed ICD codes into vector-valued representation. We then propose a sequential algorithm for case-control matching on this representation space of diagnosis codes. Read More

While autonomous multirotor micro aerial vehicles (MAVs) are uniquely well suited for certain types of missions benefiting from stationary flight capabilities, their more widespread usage still faces many hurdles, due in particular to their limited range and the difficulty of fully automating their deployment and retrieval. In this paper we address these issues by solving the problem of the automated landing of a quadcopter on a ground vehicle moving at relatively high speed. We present our system architecture, including the structure of our Kalman filter for the estimation of the relative position and velocity between the quadcopter and the landing pad, as well as our controller design for the full rendezvous and landing maneuvers. Read More

In practice many problems related to space/time fractional equations depend on fractional parameters. But these fractional parameters are not known a priori in modelling problems. Hence continuity of the solutions with respect to these parameters is important for modelling purposes. Read More

This paper examines a CoMP system where multiple base-stations (BS) employ coordinated beamforming to serve multiple mobile-stations (MS). Under the dynamic point selection mode, each MS can be assigned to only one BS at any time. This work then presents a solution framework to optimize the BS associations and coordinated beamformers for all MSs. Read More

This paper presents an empirical comparison of different dependency parsers for Vietnamese, which has some unusual characteristics such as copula drop and verb serialization. Experimental results show that the neural network-based parsers perform significantly better than the traditional parsers. We report the highest parsing scores published to date for Vietnamese with the labeled attachment score (LAS) at 73. Read More

We explore the nucleus of the nearby 10$^9M_{\odot}$~early-type galaxy (ETGs), NGC~404, using Hubble Space Telescope (HST)/STIS spectroscopy and WFC3 imaging. We first present evidence for nuclear variability in UV, optical, and infrared filters over a time period of 15~years. This variability adds to the already substantial evidence for an accreting black hole at the center of NGC~404. Read More

An Electron-Ion Collider (EIC) with center-of-mass energies sqrt(s_{eN}) ~ 20-100 GeV and luminosity L ~ 10^{34} cm^{-2} s^{-1} would offer new opportunities to study heavy quark production in high-energy electron or photon scattering on protons and nuclei. We report about an R&D project exploring the feasibility of direct measurements of nuclear gluon densities at large x (gluonic EMC effect, antishadowing) using open charm production at EIC. We describe the charm production rates and angle-momentum distributions at large x and discuss methods of charm reconstruction using next-generation detector capabilities (pi/K identification, vertex reconstruction). Read More

The recently developed globally convergent numerical method for an inverse medium problem for the Helmholtz equation is tested on experimental data. The data were originally collected in the time domain, whereas the method works in the frequency domain with the multi-frequency data. Due to a huge discrepancy between the collected and computationally simulated data, the straightforward Fourier transform of the experimental data does not work. Read More

Recent advances of 3D acquisition devices have enabled large-scale acquisition of 3D scene data. Such data, if completely and well annotated, can serve as useful ingredients for a wide spectrum of computer vision and graphics works such as data-driven modeling and scene understanding, object detection and recognition. However, annotating a vast amount of 3D scene data remains challenging due to the lack of an effective tool and/or the complexity of 3D scenes (e. Read More

Since the first online demonstration of Neural Machine Translation (NMT) by LISA, NMT development has recently moved from laboratory to production systems as demonstrated by several entities announcing roll-out of NMT engines to replace their existing technologies. NMT systems have a large number of training configurations and the training process of such systems is usually very long, often a few weeks, so role of experimentation is critical and important to share. In this work, we present our approach to production-ready systems simultaneously with release of online demonstrators covering a large variety of languages (12 languages, for 32 language pairs). Read More

We present a simple method that allows to calculate the electromagnetic response of non-interacting electrons in strong magnetic field to arbitrary order in the gradients of external electric and magnetic fields. We illustrate the method on both non-relativistic and massless Dirac electrons filling $N$ Landau levels. First, we derive an exact relation between the electromagnetic response of the non-relativistic and Dirac electrons in the lowest Landau level. Read More

During natural or man-made disasters, humanitarian response organizations look for useful information to support their decision-making processes. Social media platforms such as Twitter have been considered as a vital source of useful information for disaster response and management. Despite advances in natural language processing techniques, processing short and informal Twitter messages is a challenging task. Read More

We study fast learning rates when the losses are not necessarily bounded and may have a distribution with heavy tails. To enable such analyses, we introduce two new conditions: (i) the envelope function $\sup_{f \in \mathcal{F}}|\ell \circ f|$, where $\ell$ is the loss function and $\mathcal{F}$ is the hypothesis class, exists and is $L^r$-integrable, and (ii) $\ell$ satisfies the multi-scale Bernstein's condition on $\mathcal{F}$. Under these assumptions, we prove that learning rate faster than $O(n^{-1/2})$ can be obtained and, depending on $r$ and the multi-scale Bernstein's powers, can be arbitrarily close to $O(n^{-1})$. Read More

For a nonnegative integer $n$, and a prime $\wp$ in $\mathbb{F}_q[T]$, we prove a result that provides a method for computing the number of integers $m$ with $0 \le m \le n$ for which the Carlitz binomial coefficients $\binom{n}{m}_C$ fall into each of the residue classes modulo $\wp$. Our main result can be viewed as a function field analogue of the Garfield-Wilf theorem. Read More

Affiliations: 1CNRS, Université Paris Nord, 2Universität Wien, 3California State Polytechnic University Pomona, 4Tomsk State University, 5Tomsk State University, 6California State Polytechnic University Pomona, 7Technische Universität Wien

This article deals with the enumeration of directed lattice walks on the integers with any finite set of steps, starting at a given altitude $j$ and ending at a given altitude $k$, with additional constraints such as, for example, to never attain altitude $0$ in-between. We first discuss the case of walks on the integers with steps $-h, \dots, -1, +1, \dots, +h$. The case $h=1$ is equivalent to the classical Dyck paths, for which many ways of getting explicit formulas involving Catalan-like numbers are known. Read More

A publicly available dataset for federated search reflecting a real web environment has long been absent, making it difficult for researchers to test the validity of their federated search algorithms for the web setting. We present several experiments and analyses on resource selection on the web using a recently released test collection containing the results from more than a hundred real search engines, ranging from large general web search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo to small domain-specific engines. First, we experiment with estimating the size of uncooperative search engines on the web using query based sampling and propose a new method using the ClueWeb09 dataset. Read More

Flexibility-rigidity index (FRI) has been developed as a robust, accurate and efficient method for macromolecular thermal fluctuation analysis and B-factor prediction. The performance of FRI depends on its formulations of rigidity index and flexibility index. In this work, we introduce alternative rigidity and flexibility formulations. Read More

We analyze in this paper the performance of a newly developed globally convergent numerical method for a coefficient inverse problem for the case of multi-frequency experimental backscatter data associated to a single incident wave. These data were collected using a microwave scattering facility at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. The challenges for the inverse problem under the consideration are not only from its high nonlinearity and severe ill-posedness but also from the facts that the amount of the measured data is minimal and that these raw data are contaminated by a significant amount of noise, due to a non-ideal experimental setup. Read More

Extensional rheometry and Brownian Dynamics simulations of flexible polymer solutions confirm predictions based on blob concepts that coil--stretch hysteresis in extensional flows increases with concentration, reaching a maximum at the critical overlap concentration $c^\ast$ before progressively vanishing in the semidilute regime. These observations demonstrate that chain stretching strengthens intermolecular hydrodynamic screening in dilute solutions, but weakens it in semidilute solutions. Flow can thus strongly modify the concentration dependence of viscoelastic properties of polymer solutions. Read More