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Publications Authored By D. K. Lian

Quantitative understanding of relationships between students' behavioral patterns and academic performance is a significant step towards personalized education. In contrast to previous studies that mainly based on questionnaire surveys, in this paper, we collect behavioral records from 18,960 undergraduate students' smart cards and propose a novel metric, called \emph{orderness}, which measures the regularity of campus daily life (e.g. Read More

A fundamental problem regarding the Dirac quantization of a free particle on an $N-1$ curved hypersurface embedded in $N$ flat space is the impossibility to give the same form of the curvature-induced quantum potential, the geometric potential as commonly called, as that given by the Schr\"{o}dinger equation method where the particle moves in a region confined by a thin-layer sandwiching the surface. We resolve this problem by means of previously proposed scheme that hypothesizes a simultaneoue quantization of positions, momenta, and Hamiltonian, among which the operator-odering-free section is identified and is then found sufficient to lead to the expected form of geometric potential. Read More

Combination of a construction of unambiguous quantum conditions out of the conventional one and a simultaneous quantization of the positions, momenta, angular momenta and Hamiltonian leads to the geometric potential given by the so-called thin-lay quantization. Read More

It is pointed out that the current form of extrinsic equation of motion for a particle constrained to remain on a hypersurface is in fact a half-finished version for it is established without regard to the fact that the particle can never depart from the geodesics on the surface. Once the fact be taken into consideration, the equation takes that same form as that for centripetal force law, provided that the symbols are re-interpreted so that the law is applicable for higher dimensions. The controversial issue of constructing operator forms of these equations is addressed, and our studies show the quantization of constrained system based on the extrinsic equation of motion is favorable. Read More

Social status refers to the relative position within the society. It is an important notion in sociology and related research. The problem of measuring social status has been studied for many years. Read More

The identification of urban mobility patterns is very important for predicting and controlling spatial events. In this study, we analyzed millions of geographical check-ins crawled from a leading Chinese location-based social networking service (Jiepang.com), which contains demographic information that facilitates group-specific studies. Read More