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It was shown recently that, beside the traditional Liouville action, other functionals appear in the gravitational action of two-dimensional quantum gravity in the conformal gauge, the most important one being the Mabuchi functional. In a letter we proposed a minisuperspace action for this theory and used it to perform its canonical quantization. We found that the Hamiltonian of the Mabuchi theory is equal to the one of the Liouville theory and thus that the spectrum and correlation functions match in this approximation. Read More

We study the gravitational action induced by coupling two-dimensional non-conformal, massive matter to gravity on a Riemann surface with boundaries. A small-mass expansion gives back the Liouville action in the massless limit, while the first-order mass correction allows us to identify what should be the appropriate generalization of the Mabuchi action on a Riemann surface with boundaries. We provide a detailed study for the example of the cylinder. Read More

We review recent developments in the construction of heterotic and type II string field theories and their various applications. These include systematic procedures for determining the shifts in the vacuum expectation values of fields under quantum corrections, computing renormalized masses and S-matrix of the theory around the shifted vacuum and a proof of unitarity of the S-matrix. The S-matrix computed this way is free from all divergences when there are more than 4 non-compact space-time dimensions, but suffers from the usual infrared divergences when the number of non-compact space-time dimensions is 4 or less. Read More

We provide a summary of the counting of degrees of freedom for classical $2d$ Einstein-Hilbert gravity coupled to non-conformal matter and we study some aspects of its dynamics. In particular we show that theories with only conformal matter generically have more degrees of freedom than theories with massive matter, whereas the usual common lore would give the opposite conclusion. This is due to the fact that the equations of motion of the metric are Weyl invariant even if the action is not invariant. Read More

It was recently shown that other functionals contribute to the effective action for the Liouville field when considering massive matter coupled to two-dimensional gravity in the conformal gauge. The most important of these new contributions corresponds to the Mabuchi functional. We propose a minisuperspace action that reproduces the main features of the Mabuchi action in order to describe the dynamics of the zero-mode. Read More