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Computer Science - Distributed; Parallel; and Cluster Computing (5)
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Computer Science - Networking and Internet Architecture (1)

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We deal with the problem of maintaining a shortest-path tree rooted at some process r in a network that may be disconnected after topological changes. The goal is then to maintain a shortest-path tree rooted at r in its connected component, Vr, and make all processes of other components detecting that r is not part of their connected component. We propose, in the composite atomicity model, a silent self-stabilizing algorithm for this problem working in semi-anonymous networks, where edges have strictly positive weights. Read More

In this paper, we revisit two fundamental results of the self-stabilizing literature about silent BFS spanning tree constructions: the Dolev et al algorithm and the Huang and Chen's algorithm. More precisely, we propose in the composite atomicity model three straightforward adaptations inspired from those algorithms. We then present a deep study of these three algorithms. Read More

Highly dynamic networks are characterized by frequent changes in the availability of communication links. Many of these networks are in general partitioned into several components that keep splitting and merging continuously and unpredictably. We present an algorithm that strives to maintain a forest of spanning trees in such networks, without any kind of assumption on the rate of changes. Read More

We address the problem of testing whether a dynamic graph is temporally connected, i.e. a temporal path ({\em journey}) exists between all pairs of vertices. Read More

We address the problem of testing whether a given dynamic graph is temporally connected, {\it i.e} a temporal path (also called a {\em journey}) exists between all pairs of vertices. We consider a discrete version of the problem, where the topology is given as an evolving graph ${\cal G}=\{G_1,G_2,. Read More

The paper presents three self-stabilizing protocols for basic fair and reliable link communication primitives. We assume a link-register communication model under read/write atomicity, where every process can read from but cannot write into its neighbours' registers. The first primitive guarantees that any process writes a new value in its register(s) only after all its neighbours have read the previous value, whatever the initial scheduling of processes' actions. Read More