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We present the first results from the ongoing LAGER project (Lyman Alpha Galaxies in the Epoch of Reionization), which is the largest narrowband survey for $z\sim$ 7 galaxies to date. Using a specially built narrowband filter NB964 for the superb large-area Dark-Energy Camera (DECam) on the NOAO/CTIO 4m Blanco telescope, LAGER has collected 34 hours NB964 narrowband imaging data in the 3 deg$^2$ COSMOS field. We have identified 27 Lyman Alpha Emitter (LAE) candidates at $z=$ 6. Read More

We study how to measure the galaxy merger rate from the observed close pair count. Using a high-resolution N-body/SPH cosmological simulation, we find an accurate scaling relation between galaxy pair counts and merger rates down to a stellar mass ratio of about 1:30. The relation explicitly accounts for the dependence on redshift (or time), on pair separation, and on mass of the two galaxies in a pair. Read More

We investigate the radial number density profile and the abundance distribution of faint satellites around central galaxies in the low redshift universe using the CFHT Legacy Survey. We consider three samples of central galaxies with magnitudes of M_r=-21, -22, and -23 selected from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) group catalog of Yang et al.. Read More