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Most current results on coverage control using mobile sensors require that one partitioned cell is associated with precisely one sensor. In this paper, we consider a class of coverage control problems involving higher order Voronoi partitions, motivated by applications where more than one sensor is required to monitor and cover one cell. Such applications are frequent in scenarios requiring the sensors to localize targets. Read More

We study the approach to obtaining least squares solutions to systems of linear algebraic equations over networks by using distributed algorithms. Each node has access to one of the linear equations and holds a dynamic state. The aim for the node states is to reach a consensus as a least squares solution of the linear equations by exchanging their states with neighbors over an underlying interaction graph. Read More

This paper provides a new observer design methodology for invariant systems whose state evolves on a Lie group with outputs in a collection of related homogeneous spaces and where the measurement of system input is corrupted by an unknown constant bias. The key contribution of the paper is to study the combined state and input bias estimation problem in the general setting of Lie groups, a question for which only case studies of specific Lie groups are currently available. We show that any candidate observer (with the same state space dimension as the observed system) results in non-autonomous error dynamics, except in the trivial case where the Lie-group is Abelian. Read More

This paper studies autonomous synchronization of k agents whose states evolve on SO(n), but which are only coupled through the action of their states on one "reference vector" in Rn for each link. Thus each link conveys only partial state information at each time, and to reach synchronization agents must combine this information over time or throughout the network. A natural gradient coupling law for synchronization is proposed. Read More

Noncommutative harmonic analysis is used to solve a nonparametric estimation problem stated in terms of compound Poisson processes on compact Lie groups. This problem of decompounding is a generalization of a similar classical problem. The proposed solution is based on a char- acteristic function method. Read More