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It has recently been discovered that some, if not all, classical novae emit GeV gamma-rays during outburst, but the mechanics of this gamma-ray emission are still not well understood. We present here a comprehensive, multi-wavelength dataset---from radio to X-rays---for the most gamma-ray luminous classical nova to-date, V1324 Sco. Using this dataset, we show that V1324 Sco is a canonical dusty Fe-II type nova, with a bulk ejecta velocity of $1150 \pm 40~\rm km~s^{-1}$ and an ejecta mass of $2. Read More

A series of 353 red electronic spectra obtained between 1994 and 2010, and of 171 UBV photometric observations of the 2010 eclipse, were analyzed in an effort to better understand the eclipsing binary eps Aur. The main results follow. (1) We attempted to recover a spectrum of the companion by disentangling the observed spectra of the eps Aur binary failed, but we were able to disentangle the spectrum of telluric lines and obtain a mean spectrum of the F-type primary star. Read More