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Robust feature representation plays significant role in visual tracking. However, it remains a challenging issue, since many factors may affect the experimental performance. The existing method which combine different features by setting them equally with the fixed weight could hardly solve the issues, due to the different statistical properties of different features across various of scenarios and attributes. Read More

Semi-supervised wrapper methods are concerned with building effective supervised classifiers from partially labeled data. Though previous works have succeeded in some fields, it is still difficult to apply semi-supervised wrapper methods to practice because the assumptions those methods rely on tend to be unrealistic in practice. For practical use, this paper proposes a novel semi-supervised wrapper method, Dual Teaching, whose assumptions are easy to set up. Read More

Although wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are powerful in monitoring physical events, the data collected from a WSN are almost always incomplete if the surveyed physical event spreads over a wide area. The reason for this incompleteness is twofold: i) insufficient network coverage and ii) data aggregation for energy saving. Whereas the existing recovery schemes only tackle the second aspect, we develop Dual-lEvel Compressed Aggregation (DECA) as a novel framework to address both aspects. Read More