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In a two-component jet model, the emissions are the sum of the core and extended emissions: $S^{\rm ob}=S_{\rm core}^{\rm ob}+S_{\rm ext}^{\rm ob}$, with the core emissions, $S_{\rm core}^{\rm ob}= f S_{\rm ext}^{\rm ob}\delta^{q}$, being a function of the Doppler factor, $\delta$, the extended emission, $S_{\rm ext}^{\rm ob}$, jet type dependent factor, $q$, and the ratio of the core to the extended emissions in the comoving frame, $f$. The $f$ is an unobservable but important parameter. Following our previous work, we collect 65 blazars with available Doppler factor, $\delta$, superluminal velocity, $\beta_{app}$, and core-dominance parameter, $R$, calculate the ratio, $f$, and peform statistical analyses. Read More

A discontinuous Galerkin time-domain (DGTD) method based on dynamically adaptive Cartesian meshes (ACM) is developed for a full-wave analysis of electromagnetic fields in dispersive media. Hierarchical Cartesian grids offer simplicity close to that of structured grids and the flexibility of unstructured grids while being highly suited for adaptive mesh refinement (AMR). The developed DGTD-ACM achieves a desired accuracy by refining non-conformal meshes near material interfaces to reduce stair-casing errors without sacrificing the high efficiency afforded with uniform Cartesian meshes. Read More