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One century ago pioneering dielectric results obtained for water and n-alcohols triggered the advent of molecular rotation diffusion theory considered by Debye to describe the primary dielectric absorption in these liquids. Comparing dielectric, viscoelastic, and light scattering results we unambiguously demonstrate that the structural relaxation appears only as a high-frequency shoulder in the dielectric spectra of water. In contrast, the main dielectric peak is related to a supramolecular structure, analogous to the Debye-like peak observed in mono-alcohols. Read More

Using a combination of dielectric spectroscopy and solid-state deuteron NMR, the hydration water dynamics of connective tissue proteins is studied at sub-ambient temperatures. In this range, the water dynamics follows an Arrhenius law. A scaling analysis of dielectric losses, 'two-phase' NMR spectra, and spin-lattice relaxation times consistently yield evidence for a Gaussian distribution of energy barriers. Read More

The temperature evolution of the broadband $10^{-6}$-$10^{10}$ Hz dielectric susceptibility of the paradigmatic glass formers glycerol, propylene carbonate, and fluoro-aniline is analyzed assuming a three-step relaxation due to the $\alpha$-process, its excess wing, and a $\beta$-process. We find that the $\alpha$-peak and the wing can be described by susceptibility functions with temperature-independent high-frequency exponents, while the relative weight of these contributions does depend on the temperature. The excess wing and the $\beta$-process are distinct phenomena; in particular, the relaxation strength of the excess wing grows with decreasing the temperature, contrary to that of the $\beta$-process. Read More