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Publications Authored By Carlos Barrios Hernandez

The globalization of trade and the organization of work are currently causing a large migratory flow towards the cities. This growth of cities requires new urban planning where digital tools take a preponderant place to capture data and understand and decide in face of changes. These tools however hardly resist to natural disasters, terrorism, accidents, etc. Read More

This paper describes Team Delft's robot, which won the Amazon Picking Challenge 2016, including both the Picking and the Stowing competitions. The goal of the challenge is to automate pick and place operations in unstructured environments, specifically the shelves in an Amazon warehouse. Team Delft's robot is based on an industrial robot arm, 3D cameras and a customized gripper. Read More

Heuristics used for solving hard real-time search problems have regions with depressions. Such regions are bounded areas of the search space in which the heuristic function is inaccurate compared to the actual cost to reach a solution. Early real-time search algorithms, like LRTA*, easily become trapped in those regions since the heuristic values of their states may need to be updated multiple times, which results in costly solutions. Read More

Understanding the origin of infectious diseases provides scientifically based rationales for implementing public health measures that may help to avoid or mitigate future epidemics. The recent ancestors of a pandemic virus provide invaluable information about the set of minimal genomic alterations that transformed a zoonotic agent into a full human pandemic. Since the first confirmed cases of the H1N1 pandemic virus in the spring of 2009, several hypotheses about the strain's origins have been proposed. Read More