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The analogues of giant magnon configurations are studied on the string world sheet in the lambda background. This is a discrete deformation of the AdS(5)xS(5) background that preserves the integrability of the world sheet theory. Giant magnon solutions are generated using the dressing method and their dispersion relation is found. Read More

The lambda model is a one parameter deformation of the principal chiral model that arises when regularizing the non-compactness of a non-abelian T dual in string theory. It is a current-current deformation of a WZW model that is known to be integrable at the classical and quantum level. The standard techniques of the quantum inverse scattering method cannot be applied because the Poisson bracket is non ultra-local. Read More

We calculate the one loop beta function for the would-be marginal coupling on the world sheet of the k deformed sigma models associated to a quantum group with q=exp(i pi/k). This includes the bosonic principal chiral models and symmetric space sigma models but also the k deformed semi-symmetric space sigma model describing strings in a deformation of AdS_5 x S^5. The world sheet sigma model is a current-current deformation of the gauged WZW model for the supergroup PSU(2,2|4) with level k. Read More