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General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology (1)
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The increasing use of renewable energy sources with variable output, such as solar photovoltaic and wind power generation, calls for Smart Grids that effectively manage flexible loads and energy storage. The ability to forecast consumption at different locations in distribution systems will be a key capability of Smart Grids. The goal of this paper is to benchmark state-of-the-art methods for forecasting electricity demand on the household level across different granularities and time scales in an explorative way, thereby revealing potential shortcomings and find promising directions for future research in this area. Read More

A simple group theoretic derivation is given of the family of space-time metrics with isometry group SO(2,1) X SO(2) X R first described by Godel, of which the Godel stationary cosmological solution is the member with a perfect-fluid stress-energy tensor. Other members of the family are shown to be interpretable as cosmological solutions with a electrically charged perfect fluid and a magnetic field. Read More

We perform an analytic semi-classical quantization of the straight QCD string with one end fixed and a massless quark on the other, in the limits of orbital and radial dominant motion. We compare our results to the exact numerical semi-classical quantization. We observe that the numerical semi-classical quantization agrees well with our exact numerical canonical quantization. Read More