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Learning graphical models from data is an important problem with wide applications, ranging from genomics to the social sciences. Nowadays datasets typically have upwards of thousands---sometimes tens or hundreds of thousands---of variables and far fewer samples. To meet this challenge, we develop a new R package called sparsebn for learning the structure of large, sparse graphical models with a focus on Bayesian networks. Read More

We consider the problem of estimating a directed acyclic graph (DAG) for a multivariate normal distribution from high-dimensional data with $p\gg n$. Our main results establish nonasymptotic deviation bounds on the estimation error, sparsity bounds, and model selection consistency for a penalized least squares estimator under concave regularization. The proofs rely on interpreting the graphical model as a recursive linear structural equation model, which reduces the estimation problem to a series of tractable neighbourhood regressions and allows us to avoid making any assumptions regarding faithfulness. Read More

We develop a penalized likelihood estimation framework to estimate the structure of Gaussian Bayesian networks from observational data. In contrast to recent methods which accelerate the learning problem by restricting the search space, our main contribution is a fast algorithm for score-based structure learning which does not restrict the search space in any way and works on high-dimensional datasets with thousands of variables. Our use of concave regularization, as opposed to the more popular $\ell_0$ (e. Read More